Internet Resources

The Internet is filled with numerous resources to help your writing and studying skills.

Below are some of the more trusted and useful resources:

Internet resources for APA and MLA formatting



Muskingum College Center for Advancement of Learning:

  • Motivation Study skills
  • Critical thinking/Problem solving
  • Test Anxiety Writing and Proofing

MIT Writing Center:

  • Resources for writers and speakers
  • Citing and using sources
  • Online references

Purdue Writing Center:

  • In-depth tips on writing skills
  • How to revise, edit, proof your papers
  • How to write research papers
  • Punctuation skills

Lycoming College:

  • Commas, semi-colons, hyphens
  • Using pronouns, modifiers
  • Parallelism in writing
  • MLA and APA style
  • How to write introductions and conclusions

Dartmouth College:

  • Study tips
  • Note taking styles
  • Reading
  • Time management
  • Listening skills and tips
  • Stress fact sheet

Bartleby's Books Online: