LRC Services

Students may make appointments with tutors or simply drop in for help with a quick question. Appointments may be for the entire semester or on a more short-term basis. For example, if math has always been a problem, the student may sign up for a tutoring schedule for the whole term.

If the student only needs help with organizing research notes in an English Literature class, the student may sign up for two or three sessions. If the biology assignment is confusing, the student may just stop by the Center and ask for clarification. Tutors can also assist students in drafting and organizing papers, in time management and studying for exams. To make an appointment for tutoring, stop by and sign up at the Front Desk or call X8307.

Study Halls
We offer supervised study halls for athletes as well as for students who are at high risk for academic difficulty. Students may be assigned to study halls, or may simply drop in to find a quiet place to study where tutors are available to answer questions. Study hall times vary and are posted each semester.

The Center also houses a computer lab with word processing as well as math, writing and grammar software which can provide additional support for class assignments. All computers have Internet capability, and there are printers for use with student iBooks. The Learning Resource Center also has a coin-operated copy machine for student use.