Saint Leo University requires all full-time undergraduate students attending University Campus to carry health insurance. All full-time campus students are automatically enrolled in the program and may waive out by completing the online waiver process with comparable coverage. This policy does not apply to Graduate students, Online students, Weekend and Evening students or students attending any of our Distance Learning Centers.

Students coming to University Campus for the upcoming semester will be automatically charged for the health insurance coverage unless they complete the insurance waiver process by a specific deadline.

For more information on the health insurance, the waiver process, and the deadline to waive coverage, please click here.

If during the course of the academic year, you lose health coverage and would like to participate in the University Health Insurance Program please contact Student Financial Support Center at (352) 588-6605.


Who is Eligible to Come to the Health Center?

Any Saint Leo University student (undergraduate, graduate, commuters, and campus residents) are able to come to the Health Center. Fees for services can be self-pay or submitted to your insurance company for payment.


What if I have an HMO Insurance Plan?

If you have an HMO insurance plan, ask if there is a college student out-of-network exception. If not, see if you can switch your primary care physician to our doctor, Tobin John, MD. Otherwise, you will need authorization from your primary care physician each time you make an appointment with the health center.


Are You Covered?

To verify coverage, call the Member Customer Service number phone number on the back of your insurance card. Ask if services at the Health Center will be covered and/or if Tobin John, MD, is in your plan's network. 


Affordable Care Act and what it means for College Students

Marketplace 101: College age students are able to stay on their parents or go into the market place and compare insurances.

The "Marketplace" is the general collective name for state and federal health insurance exchanges. It was created to help uninsured Americans find and select a health insurance plan.

When you browse the Marketplace, you'll find plans available where you live. If your state has an exchange, you'll choose from those listings. If it doesn't, you'll choose from the federal exchange.

Expect to see varied levels of coverage and associated costs. Make sure to explore your options fully to ensure you find the coverage you want at a price that's right for you. Check out these websites for information to help you decide what you want. School sponsored insurance is good until July 31.

Click Here for more information regarding the Affordable Care Act.

Educating you on your Health Insurance Options.