President's Circle

This program will be held for selected students during their senior year. The circle will consist of six to eight seminars presented by the University President, Board of Trustees members, and special guests wishing to participate. These seminars will address how the Benedictine values can be incorporated into one’s personal leadership style. Additional topics such as career paths; personal and professional success; passion; stumbling blocks; and mentors will also be covered throughout the semester. Students will also have workshops co-sponsored by career services in which they get the opportunity to work on their resumes, get involved with organizations off campus, and get information about graduate school. Participants will find this format to be both informative and insightful. Rarely are students exposed to top leadership perspectives in such an intimate setting.

Mission Statement: The purpose of the President’s Circle is to recognize the outstanding leadership efforts of those seniors who have made a significant contribution to Saint Leo University by integrating their personal leadership abilities and serving out the Benedictine values set forth by the university.

Attendance: Attendance is mandatory at all sessions.

Recognition: Students who are recognized by being chosen to participate in the President’s Circle will receive a specially designed pin commemorating their experience. They will also be recognized by the University President and inducted into the President’s Circle at the Student Services - Student Government Union Awards Ceremony in the spring semester.

2009-2010 President's Circle participants are as follows:

Phillipa Bennett
Nicholas Bliesner
Vernon Davis
Cordy-Ann Dillon
Jenniffer Duffey
Kayla Fernandez
Sarah Holz
Daniel Izquierdo
Erin Lucas
Richard Maclachlan
David Mulcahy
Jessica O'Keefe
Cody Parks
Amy Persaud
David Salviejo