Vision, Mission & Goals

Vision Statement

The Division of Student Affairs is a collaborative community fully integrated within the University, enabling students to experience a seamless educational program and graduate with a clearer understanding of the world and themselves, guiding them successfully through life.

Mission Statement

In support of the Saint Leo University mission statement and Core Values, the mission of the Division of Student Affairs is to assist, nurture, and support students and their peer communities by means of planning, developing, implementing, and evaluating intentional and purposeful programs/services that facilitate student learning.


Saint Leo University's student affairs programs are designed to transform theory into practice to support student learning. Our departments exist to provide services for the benefit and needs of Saint Leo University students. The divisional emphasis is to be acknowledged for our outstanding service to students; recognized as responsible servants to our communities; known as innovative and student centered practitioners; and regarded as one of the premier student services programs in the country. Specifically:

  1. To celebrate tradition and create a sense of purpose and community.
  2. To develop and implement collaborative and innovative programs/services to meet the needs of students.
  3. To inspire a vibrant campus life and engaged student body.
  4. To role model appropriate behavior and embrace the University's Core Values in our day-to-day lives.