Education and Taxes

Saint Leo University is required annually to report information to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) related to the tuition and eligible fees you are billed each calendar year. Additionally, we must report on scholarships, grants, and certain forms of tuition assistance. This is required by the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997. This is to alert you and the IRS of your potential to collect on tax credits that may be available.

Each university that is required to report does so by issuing a 1098-T form for each student with the required information related to the reporting calendar year. Information about 1098-Ts and their uses may be found here.

Saint Leo University issues 1098-Ts by January 31 each year. To ensure you receive your 1098-T timely, we recommend that you submit an electronic consent via your eLion account by January 15. The electronic consent allows us to make the 1098-T available to you online and you will not have to wait on delivery via mail. Electronic consent is simple:

  1. To elect to receive your 1098T electronically, select the 1098 Electronic Consent Link from the Financial Information Menu in eLion.

  2. Select the first option from the presented options.

  3. Select submit. This will update when consent was given in the Electronic Consent History Box and you will be able to view your 1098-T form online.

    If you prefer to receive your 1098-T via mail, please ensure to keep you address updated via eLion. It is critical any address changes be reported by January 15 to ensure accurate delivery.

    Please review the graphic below to help guide you with reading your 1098-T form.

For quick information and helpful links, view the Why Form 1098-T is Important to You flyer.

You may also want to review our 1098-T Frequently Asked Questions by clicking here.