Supervisor Rights and Responsibilities

The supervisor is responsible to understand and follow Student Employment guidelines regarding the recruiting, hiring, and supervising of student employees.

Student employees work a maximum of 20 hours per week as determined by their official class schedule.

Work is not allowed during scheduled class time even if class has been canceled.

The Supervisor will provide orientation for student employee(s) to review requirements and expectations including: Student Work Schedule, Attendance, Accurate Time Sheet Completion, Payroll Schedule, and Dress Code. Only under special circumstances are students permitted to change jobs during the semester.

Student Work Schedule: Create a work schedule with the student that does not conflict with their class schedule. Post the schedule in a conspicuous location where it can be easily viewed by the student(s).

Attendance: Student employees are expected to be on time per the established work schedule.

Chronic tardiness and/or absenteeism may result in probation and/or termination of the student.

Accurate Time Sheet Completion: Students are required to complete their own time sheet with start, break and end times per the established work schedule. The supervisor is responsible for reviewing the student time sheet for accuracy. The student must sign and date their time sheet and submit to their supervisor no later than the last day worked of each pay period.

Payroll Schedule with Time Sheet Due Dates: It is the responsibility of the supervisor to ensure time sheets are submitted to the Payroll Manager per the payroll schedule. Infractions regarding time sheet protocol may result in loss of student employee(s).

Any student who falsifies a time sheet will be terminated immediately and disciplinary action will be brought against them by Saint Leo University.

The Supervisor is responsible for keeping track of the Federal Work Study (FWS) earnings of the student employee and to ensure that the student does not exceed the amount of the FWS award each term or semester. This information is available in Datatel. Any earnings over the student FWS award will be charged to the department NON-FWS budget OR the continuing education center's part time salaries budget.