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The Student Government Union (SGU) Executive Board is elected each spring and the thirty-seat senate is elected each fall. Applications and position descriptions are available in the SGU office, SAB 108. For more information, contact the SGU office at extension 8375.

For more information, call the SGU office at extension 8375 or contact the Executive Board members.

Mascot Requests
Are you interested in booking Fritz for an appearance? Please Click Here to obtain a request form. A completed request form is due two (2) weeks prior to scheduled performance, so plan accordingly. If you have any questions, contact the Student Government Union at 352-588-8375.

SGU Executive Board 2016-2017

President Joshua Bartholomew '17
VP of Operations Melissa Bryan '17
VP of Activities Joseph Thompson III '18
VP of Finance Marlene Camacho '17
Vice President of Communications Management Brooke Bonsted '18
Advisor Edson O'Neale

CAB Executive Board 2016-2017

Click here to see the CAB web page

VP of Activities Joseph Thompson III '18
CAB Assistant for Arts and Speaker Series Jamie Bider '17
CAB Assistant for Off Campus Trips Andrea Dobo '17
CAB Assistant for Special Events Hope Swaim '17
CAB Assistant for Traditional Programming Alexis Cruz '17
Marketing and Social Chair Kira Pirasi '19
Advisor Tara Centeno

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