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Campus Activities Board (CAB)
CAB sponsors many campus wide programs each year, including formals, lectures, comedians, concerts, professional sports events, and so much more. CAB also co-sponsors the annual Fall Festival and Spring Fling Weekends with Campus Life. Students interested in getting involved with planning and producing events can contact the CAB Offices at x8844 or the CAB Advisor, Justin Yates at x8856.

Orientation Leader (OL)
Students are selected in the spring semester to serve as leaders for the Summer and Fall Orientation Programs. For more information contact Campus Life at x8266.

Student Ambassadors
Primary Responsibilities of Student Ambassadors include giving a tour of the campus to prospective students once a week, and volunteering for on campus events for the prospective freshmen a few times during the school year. For more information, contact Admissions at X8283.

Student Government Union (SGU)
The SGU Executive Board and Class officers are elected each spring semester. Several liaison positions and freshmen class officers are selected during the Fall semester. Applications and position descriptions are available from the SGU Office in the Student Activities Building. The SGU meetings are open to all students and are an excellent way to voice your concerns or get involved. For more information, visit the SGU website located under the Student Life link or contact the SGU office at x8375.

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