Expansion Policy

Greek Life Expansion Policy

Sec.1- To be eligible for membership in Greek Council, an organization must be: A registered student organization recognized by the Office of Campus Life and dedicated to the ideals of Greek life.

The ideals of Greek Council Life at Saint Leo University are:

  1. Loyalty;
  2. Unity;
  3. Value of the individual and the group equally;
  4. Respect for individual members and other member organizations;
  5. Growth and personal development of individuals and their organization;
  6. Academic and social excellence;
  7. Community awareness and;
  8. Saint Leo University spirit

Sec.2- To apply for membership in Greek Council, an organization must submit a written request for membership to the Executive Board of the Greek Council. Any request should detail the purpose of the organization, outline the general activities of the organization, express the will of the organization to become an active member of the Greek Council, be accompanied by a copy of the constitution and bylaws, a list of officers, a list of new members, a list of active members, and the name of the advisor. If the request provides the required information and demonstrates that the organization meets the aforementioned membership requirements, the Executive Board and the interested organization will present the request to the body of the Greek Council and the expansion committee. Upon approval of the Executive Board of Greek Council and the expansion committee, the expansion committee will vote for the organization to proceed with colony status. It is imperative and required that while organizations are seeking colony status, any literature, clothing, flyers, banners, etc. will have interest group prominently displayed. Only after colony status has been granted, may letters be displayed alone.

Sec.3- Organizations that wish to be recognized by the Greek Council must follow the policies stated in the Greek Constitution and those set by the expansion committee. The expansion committee will be co-chaired by the appropriate Greek Council President, and Associate Director of Student Leadership and Development hereafter known as the Greek Advisor. If she/he is unable to attend the Vice President for Student Affairs shall co-chair. The committee will consist of (1) Greek organization advisor, (2) faculty members, (1) female and (1) male, the Vice-President of sororities, the Vice President of fraternities, the IFC President, the NPC President, and one (1) non-Greek student. The non-Greek member of the committee will be chosen by applications and interview process by the co-chairs of the committee. The purpose of the colonization period is to allow the organization an opportunity to show its dedication to the Greek community and Greek Council, to allow the Greek community and the Greek Council to adopt and accept the intentions of the new organization, as well as incorporate the new organization into the Greek community. The said organization has one year to complete the tasks of the expansion committee, and may ask to be voted on before the full year is over. Upon successful completion of the colony status the said organization will go before the expansion committee. A vote will be taken based on completion of the required activities in the Greek Constitution and any other requirements given by the expansion committee. All decisions made by the expansion committee are final. The colonization period will be set by the expansion committee and consist of events and guidelines that must be followed. If they are not followed, the new organization will be given a written notice within one (1) week of the violation. The new organization then is given one (1) week after the notice date to appeal the violation to the expansion committee before consequences are enforced.

Colonization Period Events and Guidelines:

  • Be approved through the Campus Life Office
  • Submit proposal to the Greek Council Executive Board which will review if the organization should proceed to the expansion committee.
  • Apply to the expansion committee once approved by Executive Board.
  • Be presented by the Greek Council Executive Board to the Greek Council Body as on probation status, upon approval of expansion committee.
  • Guidelines that will be followed during probationary status (these guidelines do not have to be followed in order):
  • Apply to Student Government Union for Membership as a colony after gaining approval from Greek Council and Expansion Committee
  • Attend all Greek Council meetings & S.G.U. meetings
  • Sponsor: One (1) All-Greek Educational event, 1 all-Greek social event, 1 all-campus social event, and 1 all-campus educational event
  • Stay in good financial, social, and academic status with the University and National organization, if applies.
  • Pay Greek Council dues
  • Follow the Saint Leo University Greek Council mission statements and the official rules stated in the Greek handbook and the Saint Leo University handbook, and Greek Council Constitution.
  • Play an active role in the university community and the Greek community
  • Complete any other tasks given by expansion committee
  • While on probationary status, the said group will have full membership in SGU. Membership will be lost if the expansion committee does not approve the organization.
  • Existing organizations that are reapplying to be national or local go through a different process. This process is a seamless transition process. The process requires the group to get approval from the Greek Advisor an approval from the said national or local organization.