Mission & Purpose

University Ministry serves and nurtures the personal, spiritual, and social justice concerns of the students, faculty, and staff of the Saint Leo Community. We find our roots and resources coming from a living Catholic tradition rooted in the Benedictine heritage and reflecting very deeply the spirit of the Vatican II.

Ecumenically sensitive, we extend our Ministry to all Christians as well as to our brothers and sisters of the Jewish, Muslim, and other faiths and welcome their own involvement in all our programs. As a pilgrim community of faith centered in Jesus Christ, we try to understand and live out those Benedictine values of hospitality, reverence, respectful listening, reconciliation, and stewardship.

In cooperation especially with Student Affairs as well as with the Academic Departments, University Ministry works to develop "a robust campus life." University Ministry and Student Affairs share programs as well support each other's endeavors.

The most valued Benedictine value for University Ministry is hospitality or community-building in the Residence Halls and with Commuter Students, so that we might learn to live and work together. Especially at the Sunday Evening Liturgy and throughout Peer Ministers' ministry, we emphasize in a positive way that we truly are our brothers' and sisters' keeper.

Here at Saint Leo we belong to each other. Thus we need to affirm and call forth the best in each other as well as to challenge any behavior or attitudes that destroy community and our sense of joy in living together. That spirit of cooperation and community extends to University Ministry's work with the President's Office and Academic Services in regard to Faculty and Staff Development in claiming our religious and Catholic roots.

Overall University Ministry:

  • Make the Liturgical Life here come alive for the University Community
  • Provide retreat experiences & other opportunities for spiritual and personal growth
  • Assist in community service programs both on and off University Campus
  • Provide spiritual direction
  • Provide experientially based programs to help deepen awareness of God, self, and others, as well as of the mind-body-spirit connection
  • Provide and encourage Bible study, faith-sharing, and prayer groups
  • Provide pastoral care in times of illness, death in the family, and/or death of friend(s)
  • Provide ecumenical prayer services and memorials, penance services, and special events
  • Provide opportunities to explore our Catholic and Benedictine heritage in the light of Vatican II theology and spirituality
  • Provide sacramental preparation for marriage and for the other sacraments through the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA) including Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist, and Reconciliation