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About VTT

VTT (Video Teaching & Teleconferencing) courses provide another learning option for students at Saint Leo University.

VTT is the technology that enables the streaming of video, audio and other content (e.g. any content from a PC, Laptop, Document Camera) over the network. VTT provides opportunities for students and instructors who are geographically dispersed to connect and conference with each other. Similar to a traditional “face-to-face” classroom, instructors and students in a VTT-enabled class can actively participate and collaborate on academic projects in real-time. It is another convenient option for completion of coursework, besides traditional and online options, that Saint Leo University offers to students.


How do I Schedule the use of VTT Technology for my Event?

If you wish to schedule the use of VTT technology for your meeting, complete these steps several weeks in advance:

  1. Reserve the physical room equipped with VTT hardware/software with your appropriate scheduler. At University Campus, use the online scheduler. At a Center, contact your Center Director.
  2. Schedule the videoconference connection using the online VTT Request Form. Specify options such as Recording or Continuous Presence view versus Voice Activated view.
  3. Practice using VTT hardware/software. E-mail the Instructional Technologist or call 352-588-8458 to schedule a live practice session or training.
  4. Reserve any additional equipment (PC, projector, speakers, etc.) via the Classroom Technology department by calling 352-588-8888 (Option 2).
  5. Prepare and distribute your supporting materials (slideshows, handouts, multimedia).
  6. Prepare an agenda for your lesson/meeting.
  7. Prepare a back-up agenda in case of technical difficulties.


Technical Support

For immediate technical support for a scheduled VTT class or meeting, call the UTS Helpdesk at 352-588-8888 (Option 2). If no answer, please leave a message with your meeting/class information, and the technician on duty will assist you as soon as possible.

For technical support for other classroom technology at our Continuing Education Centers (podium PC, document camera, etc.), contact the appropriate Center personnel (usually VTT Facilitator or Director).

For technical support for other classroom technology at University Campus  (podium PC, document camera, etc.), contact Classroom Technology at extension 8888 (Option 2).




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