Collaboration Tools

Several collaboration tools are available for Saint Leo University Students and employees.

Shared Storage

Skype for Business

Cisco Jabber

Microsoft Teams

Conference Phones

Document Imaging (Etrieve)

Video Teaching and Teleconferencing (VTT)




Shared Storage

Students & Employees
Each student and employee has access to OneDrive through Microsoft Office. Files in one drive can be shared to anyone with an Office365 account.

University Technology Services provides secure shared storage in the form of individual, group, department, and division drives. The information stored in these drives is backed up and maintained by UTS. Employees may access these drives on network and off network via SSLVPN. File recovery is available should it be required. 



Skype for Business (Employees)

Skype for Business is one of the two instant messaging clients available through UTS. This application provides the following functionality:

  • Instant Messaging
  • Voice Chat
  • Video Chat
  • Desktop Sharing
  • File Sharing



Cisco Jabber (Employees)

Cisco Jabber is one of two instant messaging clients available through UTS. Cisco Jabber is different than Skype for Business due to its telephony capabilities. This application provides the following functionality:

  • Voice Calling (Functional Telephone Replacement. Functions with Cisco Agent)
  • Video Calling
  • Group messaging
  • Chat
  • Visual Voicemail
  • Screen sharing
  • File sharing



Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a group chat software that supports group text and video chat. Access to other Office 365 tools, like OneDrive is built into the app. Everything is in one place to help enhance centralized information and collaboration. 



Conference Phones (Administrator Use Only)

  • Tabletop Conference Phone Deployments (Limited Availability)
  • Conference Phone Numbers (Limited Availability)
    • To be used with UTS provided phones or VTT systems.
  • Cisco Conference phones may be purchased, with approval, through UTS. 
  • Limited Conference Calling capabilities are available on employee provided desktop phones.



Document Imaging (Etrieve) (Employees)

Etrieve is the Document Imaging system used by Saint Leo University. This system provides a repository for electronic copies of physical documents. These electronic documents are sorted and filed in secured electronic file cabinets. Etrieve is used by departments throughout the University to upload, store, and access important documentation. Access requests for Etrieve may be made through UTS. Approval and workstation configuration are required for access. 



Video Teaching and Teleconferencing (VTT)

VTT (Video Teaching & Teleconferencing) courses provide another learning option for students at Saint Leo University.

VTT is the technology that enables the streaming of video, audio and other content (e.g. any content from a PC, Laptop, Document Camera) over the network. VTT provides opportunities for students and instructors who are geographically dispersed to connect and conference with each other. Similar to a traditional “face-to-face” classroom, instructors and students in a VTT-enabled class can actively participate and collaborate on academic projects in real-time. It is another convenient option for completion of coursework, besides traditional and online options, that Saint Leo University offers to students.




If you need any assistance, please enter a helpdesk request. Technology Support Services office hours and contact information are also available on the Homepage