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University Technology Services provides technical support for all University provided hardware and software services.


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UTS provides a standard image for all University provided workstations. The following software is installed and maintained by UTS:

  • Windows 8, 8.1, & 10
    • Computer operating system. OS upgrades may be requested.
  • Microsoft Office 2013-2016 
    • There are two types of Office supported by UTS. Office 2013 and 2016 are part of the standard student and employee images. This software is installed and supported by TSS, but is supported by the KMS server hosted by Server Team. The other type is the O365 suite which is maintained by server, but supported by TSS. 
    • OneDrive
    • OneNote
    • Word
    • Excel
    • PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Silverlight
    • Microsoft Silverlight is a plugin which is necessary to access Datatel Colleague.
  • PCS Director
    • PCS Director is a RICOH printer software application which helps track printing costs. 
  • Service Desk Agent
    • Service Desk Agent is a component of the helpdesk software management system used by UTS. This application assists us in tracking and managing university assets.  
  • Symantec End Point Protection (Anti-Virus)
    • Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) is the University's enterprise anti-virus software.
    • Installed and supported by TSS. Additional support by Infosec. Server Maintains DB.

UTS installs andmaintains these additional services that may be requested as needed: 

Microsoft Windows is the standard operating system supported by UTS. MAC operating systems are also available if required for business purposes.

Skype for Business (Employees)
Skype for Business is one of the two instant messaging clients available through UTS. This application provides the following functionality:

  • Instant Messaging
  • Voice Chat
  • Video Chat
  • Desktop Sharing
  • File Sharing

Symantec Encryption (Employees)
Symantec Encryption is the standard encryption software which can be requested through UTS. This application encrypts all files on your university workstation and adds an additional layer of security via the encryption log in.

Cisco Agent (Employees)
Cisco Agent is an inbound/outbound call management application. It is provided as a standard software in several University departments, including admissions and center locations. This software is ideal for a multiuser system. 

Cisco Agent Supervisor  (Employees)
Cisco Agent Supervisor is the application used to manage call agents in the supervisor's telephony group. This application enables the supervisor to monitor the call queue and agent telephony activity.

Cisco Agent Reporting (Employees)
Cisco Agent Reporting is the online portal used to run reports for Cisco agent activity. This application is available for authorized individuals.

Cisco SoftPhone  (Employees)
Cisco SoftPhone is an electronic version of the Cisco Desktop phones used by University Employees. This Application replaces the desktop phone device and provides the user phone portability as it can be used anywhere the workstation can access the internet.

Cisco Jabber (Employees)
Cisco Jabber is one of two instant messaging clients available through UTS. Cisco Jabber is different than Skype for Business due to its telephony capabilities. This application provides the following functionality:

  • Voice Calling (Functional Telephone Replacement. Functions with Cisco Agent)
  • Video Calling
  • Group messaging
  • Chat
  • Visual Voicemail
  • Screen sharing
  • File sharing

Etrieve is the enterprise document imaging application used by Saint Leo University. It is the application used throughout the university to digitally image, organize, and store documentation. This application is available by request from UTS.

Deepfreeze is an application used on kiosks and in computer labs to preserve the original computer configuration. This program allows for typical computer usage and then resets the computer to the original configuration at the end of each day. 

Non-Standard Software (Best Effort & Advice)

Cistera (Employees)
Cistera is an application which records and stores telephone calls which can later be accessed by authorized individuals for quality assurance reviews.

Click to Call (Employees)
Click to Call is a legacy product which enables users to select and click on a phone number within a web browser to make a call.

Odyssey CBORD (Employees)
Odyssey CBORD is the system used by the University to manage funds on Saint Leo ID cards. Authorized individuals may request access to this system.

Adobe (Employees)
Adobe offers a range of products both standalone and via creative cloud access. UTS technicians can provide quotes and installation for required Adobe products as needed.

Anatomage (Employees)
The Anatomage software is a standalone application which is used to run the Science department's Anatomage table.

CLEP (Employees)
CLEP software is used for exam administration. It is installed on authorized devices at authorized exam proctoring locations.

CoreFTP  (Employees)
CoreFTP is the application used to exchange documents with GoArmy.Edu.

ID Centre Photo ID (Employees)
ID Centre is the application used to store ID photos and create University ID cards.

Microsoft Visio
Visio is a Microsoft application which does not come standard with the University's licensed version of office. UTS Technicians can provide assistance with quotes and installation of Visio software if requested.

Microsoft Project
Project is a Microsoft application which does not come standard with the University's licensed version of office. UTS Technicians can provide assistance with quotes and installation of Project software if requested.

Report Smith (Employees)
Report Smith is the report management system provided by ADP for Payroll information.

ADP (Employees)
ADP is the Enterprise payroll management system used by Saint Leo University.

Genetec  (Employees)
Genetec is the system used to manage security devices and access and University Campus. 

SPSS (Employees)
SPSS is a software used for both academic and business statistical analysis. 

Standard Employee Desktop Workstation Deployment 

The Standard Desktop Workstation deployment features the following:

  • Standard Computer (Specs)
  • One Standard Monitor (Specs)
  • Standard Mouse & Keyboard.
  • The following hardware may be purchased for an additional fee to the requester's department and the proper approval:
    • Additional Monitor(s)
  • Standard Software: 
    • Windows
    • Microsoft Word
    • Symantic Anti-Virus

Additional Hardware Services

  • Standard UTS Deployed Hardware Repairs
  • Equipment Replacements & Upgrades for UTS Deployed Hardware
  • Computer Rental (Students)
    • University students have the option to pay a fee to UTS to rent a laptop for a specified period.
  • Relocation of University Issued Workstations
    • Does not include printers

Computer Rentals

University Technology Services offers a limited number of laptops for rental each year.  Laptops may be rented for a fee plus a deposit. The deposit will be returned to the student at the end of the rental period.

Eligibility Requirements:


Data Transfers

University Technology Services has the ability to transfer files from one work station to another as needed and authorized.

This services is available for all Employees as needed between authorized workstations. This services is also available for students with proper authorization.

Remote Support

The University Technology Services is able to provide remote support through LogMeIn Rescue. 

Discounted Purchasing

Saint Leo University employees and students have access to discounts for personal hardware and software through CDW. Please register for access through

OnTheHub provides Saint Leo Students and employees with deep discounts on several software titles, including: SPSS, Adobe Creative Cloud, Windows 10, Corel Paintshop Pro, etc. Please contact UTS for registration. 

Saint Leo University employees and students are eligible for standard educational discounts through


If you need any assistance, please enter a helpdesk request. Technology Support Services office hours and contact information are also available on the Homepage