Network and Device Connectivity

University Technology Services manages the University Network Infrastructure, which provides the University with both wired Ethernet and wireless service.



University Technology Services provides the following wireless network services:

SLUNET is the primary, secure, wireless network which is accessible to all Saint Leo University employees and students. Access to the SLUNET wireless network requires Saint Leo log in credentials. When using the SLUNET wireless network, University employees and students are required to adhere to the Saint Leo University User Access Policy.

Wireless access is available to guests of Saint Leo University. Guests may connect to the SLU-Guest network. Upon connection, guests will be required to enter an email address and agree to adhere to the University User Access Policy before gaining access. This connection does time out after a specified period, and will require the guest to reconnect if they wish to continue use of the network. 

Special Events Access
Certain events require that guests have extended access (ex. Guest speakers, vendors, athletic team administrators, board of directors, etc.). Special Event access may be requested through UTS. If approved, the guest(s) will receive temporary credentials which will enable them to access the wireless network for the requested duration. Guests using Special Event Wireless access are required to adhere to the Saint Leo University User Access Policy

Mobile Device
SLUNET and SLUGuest are available for connection via mobile device. SLUNET will require Saint Leo Credentials for access. SLUGuest will require that the guest enter an email address and agree that they will adhere to the Saint Leo University User Access Policy



Should additional network access be necessary for business purposes, UTS provides quotes and installation services for the following:

  • Network Devices
  • Ethernet Ports


Personal Devices

Wireless Access Point Leasing
University Technology Services continuously develops the University network infrastructure to support additional individuals and devices. There are locations within the residence halls that may require additional network support. Students may request to lease a wireless access point for their residence through UTS. Network technicians will make an assessment of the network and if necessary, will approve the lease of a wireless access point for the student to use the year. If the student relocates, they will be required to contact UTS to return the device or transition the connection point. 

Gaming Console and Personal Device Configurations
The Saint Leo University network supports the use of laptops, desktops, phones, and tablets. Other devices, such as gaming consoles and Smart TVs, will require network configuration for access. Configuration requests may be placed with UTS. There are some devices and connections which are not supported on the network:

  • Chromecast
  • Original Wii
  • Wireless Printers (These are prohibited on the Saint Leo network and wireless broadcasting should be disabled on these devices)
  • Personal Wireless Access Points
  • Wireless Hotspots
  • Games that require a Peer-to-peer direct connection with another player (ex. League of Legends, DOTA, etc.)


Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Employees may gain remote access to the Saint Leo University network via the secure access link provided by SSLVPN. 


Networked Printers

Ricoh printers are managed by Ricoh. Ricoh provides the following:

  • Printer Requests, Upgrades, & Rentals
  • Printer Relocations
  • Service & Maintenance

UTS Provides the following services for Ricoh Printers:

  • IP Address Provisioning
  • Network Port Configuration
  • Workstation to Printer mapping
  • Scanning to Workstation Configuration
  • Print to Hold Configuration
  • Faxing


If you need any assistance, please enter a SLU Network request. Technology Support Services office hours and contact information are also available on the Homepage.