University Telecommunications

University Telecommunications services includes support of the hardware, software, and tools used by Saint Leo University students and employees.

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Cisco IP Phones

Employee Standard Two Line Phone
Standard Two-Line Cisco phones are available by request for Saint Leo employees working on University sites.

Employee Non-Standard Multi-line Phone
Multi-Line Cisco phones are available by request for Saint Leo employees requiring multiple lines for their job duties. These phones are typically used by University Coordinators. Approval is required for these phones.

Student Standard Single Line Phone
University Campus students are eligible to lease a standard Single Line Cisco phone to use in their assigned room during their residence on campus. Single Line Cisco phones can receive calls from any outside phone, but are only able to make calls to the local San Antonio area.  Calls may be made outside of the local area with the use of a phone card, which may be purchased separately at a retail store. Single Line phones are 911 capable. Campus Code Blue phones may also be used in case of emergency.

Classroom Support Phone
Classroom Support Cisco phones are installed in classrooms throughout the University. These phones are provided to contact University Technology Services as needed.

Conference Phones (Administrator Use Only)

  • Tabletop Conference Phone Deployments (Limited Availability)
  • Conference Phone Numbers (Limited Availability)
  • Cisco Conference phones may be purchased, with approval, through UTS. 
  • Cisco Conference phones may also be leased for specified approved periods.

Cisco SoftPhone is an electronic version of the Cisco Desktop phones used by University Employees. This Application replaces the desktop phone device and provides the user phone portability as it can be used anywhere the workstation can access the internet. 

Phone Services

Code Blue Emergency Phones
Code Blue Emergency phones are located throughout campus for use in the case of an emergency.

Elevator Phone
Emergency phones are located in elevators throughout University Campus.

Wifi Phone
Wifi Capable communication devices are available for staff members who are required to be mobile as part of their job responsibilities. Current users include UTS technicians as well as VTT Support Specialists working from University Center locations. Wifi phones may be requested through UTS and will require approval. 

Cisco Headset (IP phone or USB headset)
Standard Cisco IP Phone and USB headsets may be purchased, with approval, through UTS.

Call Forwarding
Call Forwarding is an available option on employee provided desktop phones. Calls may be forwarded to existing University phone numbers. Special approval is required to forward calls to non-University phone numbers as charges will apply.

Conference Calling Services
Limited Conference Calling capabilities are available on employee provided desktop phones.

Extension Mobility
Extension Mobility provides employees with the temporary ability to access their phone settings from an alternate University Desktop phone.

Ring on Multiple Phones
Cisco phones may be configured to have incoming calls ring on one phone, multiple phones at the same time, or on multiple phones in succession.

eFax is the University faxing solution supported by UTS. 

Interactive Voice Response (IVR scripting)-Phone tree

Cisco provides the ability to create and maintain phone trees for University departments and locations as needed for business purposes. This system provides the following functionality:

  • Call Routing
    • Callers may either select or automatically be routed to specific agents based on tree options selected. This routing can be set up in pools and tiers to enhance service delivery.
  • Hold queues (Customer Service Queue)
    • If all phone agents are unavailable at the time of the incoming call, an option is available to place the caller in a hold queue. This would be the option instead of sending the caller to voice mail. Departments have the option to add recorded messages for the caller to hear during their time in this queue.
  • Call backs
    • When callers reach a hold queue, they have the option to select to have a call back instead of remaining in the hold queue.
  • Hours of operation
    • The hours of operation may be inserted into the message callers receive while navigating the phone queue.
  • Voicemail
    • Callers may be routed to one of many voicemail messages and boxes based on call tree options. The messages and boxes may be configured based on business needs and hours. 

Phone Software

Several Cisco services are available by request through UTS.

Cisco Agent
Cisco Agent is an inbound/outbound call management application. It is provided as a standard software in several University departments, including admissions and center locations. This software is ideal for a multiuser system.

Cisco Agent Supervisor 
Cisco Agent Supervisor is the application used to manage call agents in the supervisor's telephony group. This application enables the supervisor to monitor the call queue and agent telephony activity.

Cisco Agent Reporting
Cisco Agent Reporting is the online portal used to run reports for Cisco agent activity. This application is available for authorized individuals. 

Cisco Jabber
Cisco Jabber is one of two instant messaging clients available through UTS. Cisco Jabber is different than Skype for Business due to its telephony capabilities. This application provides the following functionality:

  • Voice Calling (Functional Telephone Replacement. Functions with Cisco Agent)
  • Video Calling
  • Group messaging
  • Chat
  • Visual Voicemail
  • Screen sharing
  • File sharing

Cistera Call Recording
Cistera is an application which records and stores telephone calls which can later be accessed by authorized individuals for quality assurance reviews

Click to Call
Click to Call is a legacy product which enables users to select and click on a phone number within a web browser to make a call. 

E911 is the software used with University phones to provide emergency services with an approximate location of the phone used to make an emergency call.

VeraSmart Call Accounting
VeraSmart is the Application used to monitor and manage call accounting for University long distance phone service.


Standard Mailbox
All University employees and students who are issued Cisco IP phones, also receive a standard voice mail box. This mailbox can be used to record and save voice mails received via the IP Phone.

Web Based Mailbox Access
University employees have the option to access their voicemail box via web page.

Email Notifications for VM
University employees have the option to receive email notifications when they receive a new voicemail. This email contains an attachment of the audio file.

Visual Voicemail (Jabber)
University employees with access to Cisco Jabber have access to a visual list of received voice mails.

The University voice mail system is enabled with a greeting management system. Greetings such as the Standard, Closed, Alternate, and Holiday can be managed through this system.

Online and Corporate Directories

A Public University Directory is available online. UTS maintains the listings on this directory. Directory information is based on University records. Any name changes must first be approved by Human Resources and changed in University records before they will appear on the Online Directory.

 An expanded Corporate Directory is available on employee provided desktop phones. Directory information is based on University records. Any name changes must first be approved by Human Resources and changed in University records before they will appear on the Corporate Directory.


If you need any assistance, please enter a helpdesk request. Technology Support Services office hours and contact information are also available on the Homepage.