Weather Advisory Update

Updated 9/22/2017 3:00 pm

Key West Education Center 

We sincerely hope you are well and have been able to return home safely following Hurricane Irma. We wanted to let you know that we are anticipating the reopening of our Key West Education Center on Wednesday, September 27th for normal business hours.  At that time, Center staff will be available to assist with advising, enrollment, and other questions or concerns.  Classes are scheduled to resume on-ground on Monday, October 2nd

The Center does not yet have functional internet or phone service.  As a result, all VTT classes are still cancelled.  Please check back for status updates.  Once we have internet we will provide 48 hours notice before resuming VTT courses.  In addition, due to the ongoing service disruption, the staff will be working via cell phones and hotspots.  If you are in need of assistance, please call (305) 434-0022 (Center Director Alaina Plowdrey’s cell phone) or email      

If you are in need of greater flexibility during this time of recovery due to the impact of Hurricane Irma, please contact the Center to discuss your options.  As per our previous communication:

  • If you are able to attend during Fall 1, but will require flexibility, please reach out to faculty and your advisor for guidance on extensions to deadlines. Faculty and staff are prepared to work with you regarding missed class time, missed or late assignments, extensions, and other options to ensure you are able to complete this academic term. 
  • We are asking that all students resume attendance and participation in class as soon as possible so that we may work most effectively with you.  If the effects of Hurricane Irma prevent your attendance, please contact your advisor to discuss options for completing your coursework.  Remember, if you are currently not active in your course(s), and do not contact your advisor or participate byFriday, September 29th, we will be initiating an administrative withdrawal for your Fall 1 coursework. 

Please note: students who are withdrawn from the university may be eligible for prorated tuition refunds due to Hurricane Irma. Federal and state guidelines regarding financial aid will apply

Important Information About Financial Aid

If you need to withdraw from all your classes, Federal regulations require that your eligibility for federal funds be recalculated. Please keep in mind that all or a portion of your federal financial aid may need to be returned to the Department of Education. (This includes any financial aid refund that may have been disbursed to you.) More information is available on Saint Leo's Withdrawal and Return of Title IV Funds webpage (

If you do withdraw, please review your eLion account as this recalculation may impact your account balance.  Students with questions are encouraged to call Financial Aid Support at 1-800-240-7658.

If you have trouble accessing eLion, please call University Technology Services Help Desk at 352-588-8888.

If you have questions regarding your account balance please call Student Accounts at 352-588-6600.

If you are a GI Bill recipient and have been impacted by Hurricane Irma, the VA considers your attendance continuous and your payments will continue as normal.

Guidance and contact information for institutions, students, and others in the higher education community impacted by a Federally-Declared disaster is provided at Click Here For Helpful Information. Please check this site regularly for updated information.