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    The Center for Alternative Pathway Programs

    Educate, Empower, Employ

    Skills for the 21st Century Workplace

    capps for studentsAs a student, you probably wonder how you are able to enhance your college education with relevant job skills that can set you apart from others. The Center for Alternative Pathway Programs is here to help you succeed!

    For the Student:

    • Introduces a variety of higher order workplace skills in demand by employers.

    • Addresses the essential career-readiness skills most often cited by employers from the “skills gap” between higher education and the labor markets.

    • Provides hands-on, experiential learning to help launch your career after graduation for a successful transition into the workplace.

    • Validates knowledge of a specific skill that is added to your digital resume.

    • Provides rigorous assessments that evaluate your proficiency in skill areas relevant and necessary in today’s job market.

    • Empowers you to be competitive and relevant in their field of choice.

    If you are a student looking to expand on your skills, view our courses today!

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