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    For the Employer, CAPPS:

    As an employer, how can I ensure my employees learn and develop skill sets they need for their jobs that increase engagement and retention to help my organization stay competitive. 

    • Allows you to personalize your training program by focusing on a single skill set to increase your employees’ goals, responsibilities, and training needs. 
    • Offers a structured and measured approach to training in which you can track the skill sets and knowledge your employees earn and accumulate.
    • Provides micro-credentials for both soft and hard skills, so employees can acquire soft skills, which are equally as important in the workplace and many times overlooked.
    • Allows employers to create and deliver training that better meets the unique skill requirements essential for your employees’ job roles.
    • Meets the demand of lifelong learning, so you can provide ongoing, continuous learning that is essential and desirable for both you and your employees.
    • Increases retention and lowers costly turnover rates by engaging your employees and boosting their competency and self-esteem.

    If you are an employer looking to expand your employees skill set, view our courses today!

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