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Community Outreach

    Erik Elliott, J.D.-Guest Speaker at Saint Leo University

    Erik-ElliotSaint Leo University had the privilege and pleasure of hosting Mr. Erik Elliot as a guest speaker to address cyber security students, particularly the Computer Forensics class, about Cybercrime and the Role of Digital Forensics in the Legal System. He spoke in-depth about some of the challenges as well as opportunities associated with admitting digital evidence into the court room and how digital evidence is becoming an important aspect of prosecuting cyber-crimes.

    Erik Elliott is an aspiring data protection and information security law analyst. He received a Juris Doctor from Northeastern University School of Law in 2019, and a Bachelor of the Arts in Philosophy from Smith College in 2015; he is currently preparing to sit for certification as an information privacy professional (CIPP/US).

    Cyber security presentation for 8 graders from the Gulf Coast Academy of Science and Technology

    Marwan-Omar-teachingMarwan-Omar-teaching2on Friday, March 6th, Dr. Marwan Omar presented on the topic of cyber security to 8th graders from the Gulf Coast Academy of Science and Technology. Dr. Omar talked about the importance of this high-demand field and the value of earning a degree in cybersecurity. Dr. Omar also talked about all the different degree programs that are offered by the computer science program and how they can prepare graduates to launch successful careers in the IT field.

    Cyber forensics education

    ECTF2In November, 2019, Dr. Marwan Omar faculty member at the computer science department presented a talk on the topic “ cyber forensics education” to the Tampa Bay Electronic Crime Task Force (TBECTF) hosted by the DHS in down town Tampa, Florida. The audience was from different business sectors as well as law enforcement personnel.


    Saint Leo hosts mini CTF event for Academy of the Lakes high school students

    In November, 2019, The Tapia College of Business Computer Science Department, as part of NSA Accreditation outreach, hosted a mini Capture the Flag (CTF) for juniors and seniors from Academy at the Lakes in Land O Lakes, Florida. Students were engaged with a CTF competition to experience real-life scenarios in Cybersecurity. 


    Students were given brief instructions and then in-the-moment real time instruction and guidance from senior level Cyber students on completing tasks typically found in national CTF matches for security students. Additionally, students were treated to a campus tour and lunch to show what a typical day in college campus life on Saint Leo  would look like.



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