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Center for Alternative Pathway Programs 

    The Center for Alternative Pathway Program (CAPPS)

    Educate, Empower, Employ

    Program Overview

    The Center for Alternative Pathway Programs (CAPPS) provides an alternate approach to obtain cutting-edge, real-world credentials that are in demand and add value to your career path. For students, these acquired skills will enhance your degree and prepare you with the necessary skills for career-readiness in the workplace environment. For professionals already in the workplace environment, these earned credentials demonstrate additional skill sets that increase your value as employees. These earned credentials are visually represented as digital badges that you can place on your resume and within social media to verify to an employer your attained knowledge and achieved skill. CAPPS provides you with the knowledge and skills needed to either obtain a first-time job, if you are a student, or achieve advancement in your current career path, if you are a working professional.

    For more information or accommodations, please contact micro@saintleo.edu

    About Introduction to Grantsmanship Micro-Credential

    This Micro-Credential provides an alternative approach to gain a cutting edge, real world credential that is in demand. It is skilled based and keeps you current with the workforce skills of today and the future. Your Micro-Credential is visually represented as a digital badge which provides testimony to individualized learning. The digital badge can be placed on a resume or within social media in order to verify attained knowledge and achieved skills; it is portable, verifiable, and linked to you. It is valuable to employers and professional networks. This course is great for employees of non-profit organizations as well as professionals needing grantsmanship skills.

    The course provides an introduction to grantsmanship and addresses the basic techniques of preparing grant proposals. 

    This course is a five week - five module course. Classes meet once a week for three hours. 

    Skills Acquired:

    • Create a logic model
    • Create a problem statement
    • Write a grant narrative
    • Develop a budget
    • Develop a implementation and sustainability plan

    Introduction to Grantsmanship held at:
    Saint Leo University Ocala Education Center

    1930 SW 38th Avenue
    Ocala, FL 34474