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Dining FAQs

What if I lost my I.D.?

In case of a missing ID card please go to Student Financial Support Center in Saint Edwards hall for a replacement card. Remember without your student I.D. you will have to pay cash or credit.

*If enrolled in Finger ID system, no ID is required for entry. 


What if I do not have my I.D. but I will be able to get it later that day?

Each semester you are allowed to get 2 vouchers that allow entrance into the dining hall without an I.D.

 *If enrolled in Finger ID system, no ID is required for entry. 

How can I pay if I bring a guest?

If you are on the unlimited meal plan you can use your Bonus Bucks, Lions Loots Five, ten or commuter meal plans to bring a guest.
If you are out of swipes cash or credit card is acceptable.

*Same applies to the Finger ID system. 


If you might have any other questions pertaining to your I.D. you may call Sheryll Mccarty at 352-588-8421.

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