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Dual Enrollment FAQ's 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Will I have to purchase a textbook?

    If you are a public school student participating through your county you will not need to purchase textbooks.

    If you are a private school student, you will be responsible for your own textbooks costs.

    Will this affect my college admissions? 

    Yes, the grade(s) received will go on both your high school and college transcripts, and will impact both your high school and college GPA’s.

    How many courses can I enroll in each semester?

    Students may not take more than 3 credit hours per semester (1 semester = 8 weeks).

    Does being part of the Dual Enrollment Program guarantee me admission to the university as an undergraduate?

    No, Dual Enrollment students are considered non-degree seeking students for the semester in which they are enrolled.

    Are dual enrollment courses any different than regular undergraduate courses? 

    No, dual enrollment courses are the same courses offered to our undergraduate students.

    How do I register for my dual enrollment courses?

    Public and Private School – registration is coordinated through your high school guidance counselor.

    Home School – registration is coordinated directly with one of our dual enrollment student advisors.

    Are there any other additional testing requirements? 

    Students are required to take Math and English assessment tests before enrolling in university courses. The assessment tests are free and helps us determine the best course placement for your success.

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