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Dr. Michael Anthony Novak, Ph.D.

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    Dr. Michael Anthony Novak, Ph.D.

    Assistant Professor

    Prof. Michael Anthony Novak hails from the classic Midwestern small town of Oregon, Illinois, a famed art colony before the turn of the previous century. As a Catholic systematic theologian, his historical training, particularly in formative Early Christianity, informs his contemporary perspective. Opening students up to a vision of Christianity as a potent intellectual, spiritual, and cultural force, and not as an historical curiosity, drives his classroom instruction. His research and teaching crosses the lines of theological specialties. He desires to cultivate the ability to synthesize and convey the big picture of Christianity, so his interests are wide-ranging. Along with his ecclesiological work, he is particularly interested in contemporary Christological and Trinitarian implications and articulations of the research done in contemporary Patristics, especially as that engages the Jewish mystical roots of Christian theology. Another special interest are grace questions regarding the intersection of human freedom and divine sovereignty, incorporating notions of freedom as diverse as those in the New Testament, in American law, and in quantum physics. He has written articles as diverse as ones dealing with a new categorization of The Odes of Solomon as apocalyptic spirituality, and a clarification of a long-misunderstood masterpiece by Catholic Surrealist Salvador Dali­.


    • Ph.D. Marquette University, Religious Studies
    • M.A. University of Notre Dame, Theology
    • B.A. Northern Illinois University, History

    Courses Taught

    • REL 110Â The Emergence of Christianity
    • REL 123 The Christian Spiritual Vision
    • REL 124 Introduction to the Old Testament
    • REL 210Â Many Are Called, But Who Is Chosen? Christian Understandings of Salvation
    • REL 300Â C. S. Lewis: Christianity and Culture in a Literary LifeÂ
    • REL 325 The Synoptic Gospels
    • REL 427 The Church
    • REL 498Â Senior Seminar: The Trinity
    • HON 150Â The Classical World View
    • HON 151Â The Christian Vision
    • HON 250Â The Humanistic Tradition: The Italian Renaissance to the Enlightenment
    • THY 501 Hebrew ScripturesÂ
    • THY 502 Christian ScripturesÂ
    • THY 521 Christian Ethics I: FoundationsÂ
    • THY 550 The History of ChristianityÂ
    • THY 565Â Ecclesiology
    • THY 570 Christian SpiritualityÂ
    • THY 575 Christology
    • THY 600Â Theology and Literature