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Green Dot: Request a Presentation

    Request a Training from the Community Prevention Team!

    Green Dot:

    • Green Dot Overview: This training ranges from 45 minutes to 1 hour depending on your group’s needs! Motivational and interactive, we teach you helpful tools that will prepare you to serve as an active bystander if you see violence happening.
    • Bystander Training: 1-3 hours in length, this training is intended for those who have received an Overview to learn more about best practices of being an active bystander. Full of fun activities, this is one of our most popular trainings!

    STOP SV Trainings:

    • Gender Norms: Whether we realize it or not, gender norms and expectations are all around us and are easy to internalize. How do gender roles affect our relationships? How do gender roles have an impact on violence? How can we start to undo the ideas we have about gender so we can be happier and in healthier relationships? If these questions intrigue you, we encourage you to request this training!
    • Prevention and Leadership: If you are a leader on campus, we want to give you some tips and tricks on how to weave sexual violence prevention and messaging into your day to day life, making you a stronger leader.
    • Coming to America: Learning a new culture and lifestyle can be tough, especially if you're an international student coming to America. This training will guide you to learn the do’s and dont’s of relationships, norms of American culture, and slang or other language that might be unfamiliar.
    • Financial Literacy and Relationships: In partnership with our friends at Career Services, this training dives into the dynamics of financial abuse and how it is used to maintain power and control over survivors. Also, we will talk about how to become more financially literate and build skills such as resume writing, learning how to interview, and more!
    • Healthy Relationships: In this activity-filled, engaging presentation, we discuss relationship “green flags,” the five key ingredients to a healthy relationship and how to navigate healthy relationships during your busy college life.

    Trainings by Request:

    • While the above trainings are ones we have prepared and done in the past, we are always open to collaborations, specialized conversations, and tailoring a training that fits you, your student groups, your athletic team, your club, etc. Please contact for collaboration ideas or training questions.
    • When requesting training, please keep in mind that our team focuses on healthy relationships, boundaries, consent, and bystander intervention.

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