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International Journal of African Catholicism - Submission Guidelines

    Submission Guidelines

    The International Journal of African Catholicism (IJAC) welcomes articles and book reviews related to the mission and purpose of the journal. The scope of the IJAC is interdisciplinary and ecumenical; therefore scholarly submissions are welcomed from a variety of perspectives.

    Articles are peer-reviewed and the decision to include articles rests with the editorial board. All writing selected for publication may be edited for style, syntax and content.

    Submissions must not be under consideration with any other journal when sent to IJAC.

    Send all manuscripts and reviews electronically as a Word document to Dr. Randall Woodard at

    When submitting articles for IJAC, please consider the following rubric as a guideline for assessing the relevance, scholarship, contribution, and writing style of each submission:

    1. Relevance of content/argument to the mission and purpose of the journal
    2. Scholarship and academic quality
    3. Makes a valuable contribution to the interdisciplinary study of African Catholicism
    4. Submission is written well and communicates effectively

    Since submissions are welcome from a variety of different academic disciplines, contributors may use different styles in their research and writing. However, we ask all contributors to follow the guidelines listed below.

    • As an online journal, length is not a major concern. However, typical articles will range from 3,000-6,000 words. While book reviews should range from 500-1,000 words.
    • Double-space all work in Times New Roman 12 font. 
    • All manuscript submissions should be accompanied with an abstract of 200-400 words providing readers with the basic meaning of the article.
    • Upon acceptance, authors will be asked to provide a brief autobiographical sketch of about 100 words detailing their academic background, current employer or school, prior publications and research interests. 


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