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LEAD Scholars - ELLOS

    Extra Leadership Learning Opportunities (ELLOS)


    Monthly Requirements

    Each LEAD Scholar will attend one (1) ELLO a month and submit documentation of completion. For a current list of approved ELLOs and other upcoming LEAD events, please see the Lead Scholars Calendar.

    Don't see an ELLO but know of a campus program that would make a great one?

    Email with the potential ELLO at least 2 business days (48 hours) prior to the event & it could get approved & added to the calendar. If it is determined that the proposed program does not meet ELLO criteria, the reason why will be communicated to you within 2 business days (48 hours).

    ELLOs are designed to maximize the opportunities for leadership development already occurring on campus! From speakers on topics like organization, diversity, communication, bystander training ... there will be bountiful selections to choose from each month!

    What do LEAD Scholars need to do?

    1. Pick the ELLO that best matches your schedule & interest!
    2. Attend/participate in the ELLO
    3. Submit the ELLO Verification Form (see link to PDF below) 
    -Forms can be scanned/emailed to -or-
    -Forms can be dropped off at the Residence Life Office Monday-Friday 8am-5pm

    ELLO Verification Form

    Click here to download the Ello Verification Form

    Request more information