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LEAD Scholars - Workshops

    Leadership Workshops

    Leadership Workshops are open to the entire campus. A current list of upcoming Leadership Workshops is listed above.

    Leadership Workshops are designed to add leadership skills and intentional reflection to the leadership toolkit of our student leaders. Workshops may take many formats including lecture, activity, video, etc. but are always combined with intentional reflection and discussion. Leadership workshops are designed to be 50 minutes in length.


    LEAD Scholar Requirements for Leadership Workshops:

    • LEAD Scholars are required to attend one (1) Leadership Workshop a month as part of the LEAD Scholar program curriculum
    • Pick the workshop that best matches your schedule & interest!
    • LEAD Scholars must sign-in to the Leadership Workshop using the provided LEAD Scholar sign-in sheet to document attendance
    • LEAD Scholars must be on time and engaged throughout the presentation to receive credit
      and are encouraged to complete the quick online workshop evaluation after attending

    Planning A Leadership Workshop:

    Click here to access the Leadership Workshop Proposal Form

    While any/all LEAD Scholars are welcome to design and present a workshop, each Junior LEAD Scholar will be responsible for leading or co-leading one LEAD Workshop in the academic year. Junior Scholars with busy spring terms are encouraged to complete this requirement in the fall. Junior Scholars may host or lead multiple workshops, if they desire, but will only be held accountable for leading/hosting one. A minimum of four LEAD workshops will be offered in each of the following months of the academic year: October, November, February, and March. Please note the September and January workshops are built-into the Overnight/Mini Retreats and are led by the adviser and there are no workshops in December or April to allow Scholars to focus on finals.  Juniors may choose to work independently, to pair up with each other, to co-present with an outside leader (faculty/staff/guest presenter/other student leader) or work with the LEAD Scholars adviser to host a workshop. No more than two presenters should be attached to any one workshop. Responsibilities for hosting/co-hosting a workshop include:

    • Coming up with a topic that addresses leadership skills not already covered at a LEAD Workshop in that academic year -or- which covers leadership skills already covered at a LEAD Workshop in the same academic year in a new and different way
    • Submitting a LEAD Scholars Workshop Proposal 
      • must be submitted by the 25th of the month prior to implementation by emailing example: must be submitted by Oct 25 if planning to present in November)  Please note this includes all documents and presentation materials in addition to the outline.
    • If pairing with another Junior Scholar, the pair will present twice (either holding the same presentation twice at different dates/times or holding two separate presentations; at the discretion of the presenters)
    • Holding the Workshop as Proposed 

    Please note all current LEAD scholars who design/present a workshop in an academic year will be eligible to be considered for the "Workshop of the Year" award, which will be recognized at the end of year Recognition Celebration/Senior Send-Off.

    List of Upcoming Workshops

    There are currently no upcoming workshops listed.

    List of Past Workshops

    November 2018
    The Danger of a Single Story: A 50 minute interactive presentation that will combine video, discussion/reflection and activities that addresses how having a limited perspective may affect relationships with others, hurt others and understand the problem one story or assumption can cause. Open to all students.
    offered          Mon 11/5 5:30pm @ CAFA 108 (Fine Arts Building)

    Professionalism: A 50 minute presentation featuring videos and discussion about professionalism and how it applies to leadership.  Designed for LEAD Scholars but open to all students.
    offered          Wed 11/7   4pm  @ Apt 6 MMR

    Tell Me Something I Don't Know: A 50 minute presentation featuring discussion and activity about the importance of strong communication, with connections to how strong communication ties to future careers. Open to all students.
    offered          Mon 11/12 7pm @ Apt 6 MMR

    What Kind of Leader Are You?: A 50 minute presentation featuring activity and discussion on negotiation, and how leaders can maximize negotiations to their advantage when leading a team. Designed for LEAD Scholars but open to all students.
    offered          Mon 11/26 5:30pm  @ Apt 6 MMR

    Negotiation: A 50 minute presentation featuring a leadership style assessment and discussion paired with video and presentation to help you explore your leadership style strengths and weaknesses and understand the conditions under which you can better lead others. Designed for LEAD Scholars but open to all students.
    offered          Tues 11/27 8am  @ Apt 6 MMR

    September 2017
    Failing Forward: A 50 minute presentation including discussion & activity on how leaders respond to and maximize on the opportunities provided in failure to achieve future success. Open to all students!
    offered         Tues 9/19 at 5:30pm in the Apt 6 MMR        and                                 Wed 9/27 at 4pm in the Apt 6 MMR

    Building Community: A 50 minute presentation including video, discussion and activity where students will reflect on how leaders build community within their organization and how building a strong community impacts their leadership. Designed for First Year/Sophomore students but open to all students.
    offered          Thurs 9/21 at 7pm in Kirk Hall 122                     and                               Mon 9/25 at 7pm in the Apt 6 MMR

    October 2017
    Leader, Leader, Pumpkin Eater: A 50 minute activity-based presentation where participants will reflect on what makes a good leader and how as leaders we can demonstrate those traits. 
    offered          Thurs 10/12 at 6:45pm in SCC Boardroom A               

    Opinion in Leadership: A 50 minute presentation on the importance of opinion and vocalizing opinions as a leader, as well as important aspects of communication that should be applied during  communication of opinions with an opportunity. This presentation will include the opportunity to practice key skills to better communicate opinions! 
    offered          Wed 10/25 at 7pm in the Apt 6 MMR                 

    Thinking Creatively: A 50 minute activity-based workshop to help you expand your creative thinking skills and experience activities designed to help you think outside the box!
    offered          Fri 10/6 at 4:30pm in the Apt 6 MMR                 and                               Tues 10/17 at 7pm in CAFA 108 (Fine Arts Bldg)

    November 2017
    Everybody's Got Time for That: A 50 minute workshop. One of the biggest obstacles as a leader is learning how to manage your time wisely. This workshop will show attendees how much time is wasted on things that time should not be wasted on. By the end of the workshop, participants will have new times on how to manage their time. 
    offered          Thurs 11/2 at 5:30pm in Kirk Hall (CAAB) 218       

    Spin Like a Pro: A 50 minute workshop that will teach you how to "spin" a situation to your advantage and the language/approach to turn a bad situation around! Designed for junior/senior students but open to all students.
    offered          Mon 11/6 at 4:30pm in Apt 6 MMR

    CTRL ALT DEL (Goal Setting): A 50 minute workshop that will allow participants to analyze life situations and create short and long term goals using the CTL+ALT+DELETE activity. Designed for first year/sophomore students but open to all students.
    offered          Tues 11/7  at 7:00pm in Apt 6 MMR  

    Self-Care in a Busy World: A 50 minute workshop where attendees will gain a better understanding of why self-care, especially as a leader is important with the opportunity to engage in a variety of self-care stations. Leadership can be taxing, but self-care is the answer to avoid burn-out. 
    offered          Wed 11/15 at 6:00pm in Student Activities Building (SAB) 117  

    January 2018
    Keeping it All Together: An activity-based workshop where participants will explore their own leadership through a series of activities & guided discussion based on the popular "Mr Potato Head". Please note this workshop is being held during the off-campus LEAD Scholars overnight retreat, and is only offered to LEAD Scholars.
    **built into LEAD Scholars overnight retreat**

    February 2018
    The Good the Bad and the Ugly: A 50 minute workshop that will provide leadership development for attendees by getting them to understand the good vs. bad leadership along with the idea that every individual has the choice of what type of leader they will be for the day and how leadership is created. 
    offered          Fri 2/2 at 5pm in the Apt 6 MMR     

    Lollipop Moments: A 50 minute workshop that will provide leadership development by hopefully expressing that being a leader does not just mean you have to change the world. A good leader could do small things to help an individual accomplish a task and learn to be a leader in their everyday life.  
    offered          Tues 2/13 at 4pm in the Apt 6 MMR

    Finances for Freshmen: A 50 minute workshop that will teach individuals how to budget their funds for both themselves & organizations they are involved in. Designed for first year/sophomore students but open to all students.
    offered          Tues 2/20 at 7pm in CAFA 108 (Fine Arts Bldg)

    When to Cross the Line: A 50 minute workshop that will explore the importance of appreciating diversity on campus and within individual clubs and organizations.Additionally, we will evaluate the role of stereoptypes within our society. Lastly, the workshop will also help to facilitate learning more about each other, and what makes each of us unique leaders. 
    offered          Mon 2/26 at 6:30pm in the Student Activities Building (SAB) 117 

    March 2018
    Embracing ChangeA 50 minute workshop that will help participants connect the idea of change to leadership development and learn how to embrace change. Changes are an inevitable part of life and as leaders we want to maximize our role in managing and responding to change. This workshop will use activities and discussion to help you embrace change!
    offered          Mon 3/5 at 5:30pm in the Apt 6 MMR   

    Microagressions: A 50 minute workshop that will explore "microagressions" in society and how they can prevent us from demonstrating sincere respect and appreciation for others' differences. Participants will also discuss solutions for creating a more social-justice oriented mindset.
    offered          Fri 3/23 at 4pm in the Apt 6 MMR

    Project Management: A 50 minute workshop for leadership development. Have you ever felt overwhelmed by a major project?  This presentation will teach professional skills for managing and assessing projects.
    offered          Tues 3/27 at 6pm in the Student Activities Building (SAB) 117 Conference Room

    Marshmallow ChallengeA 50 minute workshop that will give attendees the opportunity to build on their team work leadership skills utilizing an engaging activity. Participants will be challenged to explore design thinking and how competition is used as a leadership tool in the workplace.
    offered          Thurs 3/29 at 6:30pm in the Apt 6 MMR

    October 2018
    Ethics & Leadership: A 50 minute interactive presentation that will combine discussion with reflection on what it means to be an ethical leader, and how leaders can assess and calibrate their leadership to match their values. Open to all students.
    offered          Wed 10/3 4pm @ Apt 6 MMR                        and                               Thursday 10/11 at 8am @ Apt 6 MMR

    The Art of Confrontation: A 50 minute presentation with several activities as well as presentation, video & discussion on the importance of learning how to appropriately confront as a leader and how to enhance this crucial skill. Open to all students.
    offered          Tues 10/23 6:30pm @ Apt 6 MMR

    The Human Knot: A 50 minute presentation including discussion & activity on team-building and the importance of communication skills in a team.  Open to all students.
    offered          Fri 10/26 at 5:30pm @ Apt 6 MMR



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