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University Brand Marketing & Communications

    Brand Guidelines and Creative Requests

    University Brand Marketing & Communications is available to support faculty and staff across the university community in the promotion of strategic university programs, events, and activities. Services include branding and creative concept development, advertising, integrated campaigns, media relations, social media, internal communications, and creative services.


    Brand Guidelines | Saint Leo University
    The Saint Leo brand is most effective when executed consistently across the university. Our new brand guidelines “new brand thinking” provides a quick and thorough resource to answer questions you may have about logo usage, color palettes, messaging, and more. By following the guidelines, you will have a better understanding of what the Saint Leo brand stands for and how you can stay “on-brand” all the time. Brand Guidelines »


    Creative Request Forms
    Please select the request form that best fits your needs. University Brand Marketing & Communications will respond within two business days. Most projects will be designed within ten business days if comprehensive content and scope are provided. Please allow additional time for projects that require photography or video or unique concept development. Please be sure to have allocated budget for print and advertising requests.

    For large-scale projects with multiple pieces, please contact or complete a consultation form for further information. 

    Understanding the Creative Process
    University Marketing and Communications department is committed to providing you with high-quality and high-performing results. Each project that the team develops will go through the following processes:

    • Editorial Review: A team of writers can assist in copy development and provide editing support to ensure your copy is relevant to your target audience and adheres to university editorial standards. Once your copy has gone through editorial, it is important to review it carefully for accuracy. Only minimal changes can be made to copy once it moves to graphic design.

    • Graphic Design: Our graphic designers strive to create work that is clean, easy-to-read, compelling, and in line with university graphic standards. In order to ensure a quality product and help your project stay on time, it is always a good to provide ideas and examples of what you have in mind. The more planning and thought you can put into what you want, the better.