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Medical Amnesty Policy

    Medical Amnesty Policy 

    Saint Leo University intentionally fosters a safe, collaborative, and inclusive living and learning community that promotes student’s academic and personal growth in accordance with the University’s core values. In line with the University’s Core value of responsible stewardship, the University maintains a medical amnesty policy to protect students (including student organizations) when reporting themselves, friends, or another member of the University community who is in medical distress due to alcohol consumption and/or drug misuse or overdose. The University has the amnesty policy in place to encourage students to act responsibly and report emergencies without fear of University-imposed disciplinary consequences because its primary concern is the health, safety, and well-being of students.

    Statement of Policy
    Under this policy, student(s) who seek or receive emergency medical assistance for themselves or students who seek assistance for another student requiring medical assistance due an alcohol and/or drug related emergency may not face formal conduct action from the University for the possession and/or use of alcohol or drugs. Students who qualify must participate in a referral with the Associate Vice President for Student Affairs or designee within 5 days of the event and comply with any/all recommendations prescribed from them (including any associated costs with those recommendations) to avoid going through the formal University Conduct process.

    What does this mean for me?
    The role of the student in an incident will determine the number of times he/she may invoke amnesty. Students receiving medical assistance may only use the amnesty policy once. Students who help others seek medical assistance are not limited to one amnesty exemption, however if the student is involved in subsequent alcohol and/or drug abuse incidents the situation will be reviewed by the Associate Vice President for Student Affairs or designee to determine if the student qualifies for the amnesty exemption.

    • The Medical Amnesty Policy is meant to ensure the health and safety of the Saint Leo University community members (students) is a priority by enabling them to receive/seek the necessary medical attention in an alcohol or drug use related emergency without having to go through a formal conduct case.
    • Medical amnesty may also apply to any student(s) or student organization(s) that help the student in need to receive medical attention. This will allow students who may also have been drinking to care for their friends without worry of facing a potential judicial process for themselves. Students and organizations that assist those in need may also have to meet certain conditions to qualify for amnesty.
    • The protocol applies only to the Saint Leo University Code of Conduct. Law enforcement agencies may act within their jurisdictions in enforcing the laws enacted by the State of Florida, the United States, or any other state or nation where jurisdiction may be invoked.
    • The Medical Amnesty Policy applies only to individuals’ use of alcohol and/or drugs where medical attention is needed. It does not apply to other prohibited behavior including but not limited to: the distribution of illegal substances, harassment, or assault.
    • The Medical Amnesty Policy also applies to Saint Leo University students who are a victim of sexual assault and have also engaged in underage alcohol consumption and/or drug use.
    • If a student requires emergency medical treatment and is transported to a medical facility for an alcohol or drug related event, the student’s parents and/or guardians may be notified in correspondence with FERPA law.

    How does it work?

    • Upon the initial report, the Associate Vice President for Student Affairs or designee will review the report(s) to determine if the student would qualify for amnesty as defined in the policy. The availability of medical amnesty to the student is at the discretion of the Associate Vice President for Student Affairs or designee.
    • Students who qualify must abide by any recommendations made by the Associate Vice President for Student Affairs or designee. If the student does not comply with the recommendations he/she will not qualify for medical amnesty and would be required to go through the normal student conduct process as stated in the Code of Conduct.

    Saint Leo University promotes a community in which all members of the community can learn and grow both personally and professionally in a safe and respectable manner. The consumption and/or use of alcohol or drugs in a non-responsible manner can cause serious harm or even death in some circumstances. As such, students/members of the community are encouraged to make responsible decisions and to seek out medical attention in serious or life-threatening situations that may arise from alcohol and/or drug use. All community members (including students) are encouraged to seek help for any situation where medical treatment/assistance is reasonably believed to be needed.

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