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Master's Degree in Business Administration - Social Media Marketing

Expected Program Outcomes

As a result of successfully completing the Specialization, the graduate will be expected to:

  • Critique a company's social media and online marketing strategies.
  • Design online marketing strategies, including gamification, social media, and web design decision.
  • Select the appropriate web analytics metrics to measure variables critical to a brand's success.
  • Identify the appropriate web analytics tools and methods to capture online the appropriate metrics for assessing the effectiveness and efficiency of marketing activities.
  • Apply the appropriate traditional marketing research methods to measure variables critical to a brand's success.

The Social Media Marketing MBA specialization offers marketing students an opportunity to improve their knowledge in a rapidly emerging field where marketing managers utilize traditional marketing research as well as cutting-edge web analytics techniques to understand their markets and to design marketing strategies.

Learning Experience:
Campus Education Center Online
Est. Time to Complete:
2 years
Credit Hours:
36 hours
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MBA in Social Media Marketing

The Social Media Marketing specialization covers how to apply analytical techniques correctly, how to assess the effectiveness of social media and multichannel campaigns, how to optimize success by leveraging experimentation, and how to employ the proper tools and tactics for listening to your customers, and more.

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