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Academic Calendar & Classes

    Academic Affairs Information

    Here are a few things you need to know about your experience in the classroom and in online learning.

    Learning Options

    At Saint Leo University, students may attend class through either the Connected Classroom or Hybrid Classroom option. Unless you have opted for the Connected Classroom option, your attendance will automatically default to the Hybrid Classroom choice. In the Hybrid classroom, you will be assigned a Group A or B distinction, which will allow you to attend class in-person in the assigned classroom with your instructors on certain days and attend remotely on other days. In most cases, all but one course on your schedule will fall under this modality.

    You may also see a variation of the face-to-face courses where some courses may be offered solely through a remote format using Zoom and other instructional techniques selected by your instructor. These will be offered during a regular class period—the same as your other modified face-to-face classes. As with any classes, your instructors will explain to you their attendance policies. In general, you will be expected to attend classes whether on Zoom or in the classroom.

    Preparing for Class Checklist

    • During your days in the classroom, remember to wear a mask. You will not be allowed to attend class without one.
    • When finding a seat in the classroom, remember to leave a space between you and other students. The space must be at least six feet apart.
    • Remember, if you elected to attend class via the Hybrid Classroom option, you will need to report to class on your rotation days.

    One Online Course

    To limit the times you are in the classroom and provided you with the maximum opportunities to have face-to-face classes, your schedule will include one eight-week course that is 100% online. You must log in the first week of classes, and your instructor will provide the schedule for the rest of the course. You will be expected to participate in class as part of taking the course. Your instructor will also conduct a weekly in-person session, which will also be recorded. In the event that you cannot attend a session, we highly recommend that you view the recording to stay current in the class.

    Modified Academic Term

    Following the Thanksgiving holiday break, all courses at University Campus will resume online for the last two weeks of the term. If you reside on campus, this will allow you the option to remain home following Thanksgiving and avoid travel during this time should you choose. Our residence halls and dining facilities will remain open until the end of semester in accordance with our regularly published academic calendar if you prefer to remain in-residence through this period. Accordingly, room and board fees will remain the same.