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Daily Check-In

    Daily Check-in App & Tips to Slow the Spread

    Here you can find importance guidance on how you can help to protect our pride.

    Daily Check-In App

    Before leaving your residence hall or coming to any Saint Leo University location, you will need to answer just a few simple questions through the university’s daily check-in app. Reporting through the app will help prevent the spread of the virus in our university community, so your daily participation is important to helping protect our pride.

    Here's how to complete the check-in:

    1. Each day you will receive an email, reminding you to complete check-in. It will provide you with a link to log in to your Saint Leo account.
    2. Once you get to the login screen, enter your Saint Leo University credentials.
    3. There, you’ll be asked to answer five questions, using a drop down menu.
    4. Click “submit” to complete your daily check-in.

    Temperature Check-in Stations

    Temperature check stations will be available at all university locations; although, you are encouraged to obtain your own thermometers to check your temperatures before entering the university community. If you are living in the residence halls, thermometers will be provided to each resident who needs one at the start of the term.

    Face Coverings/Masks

    All students, faculty, staff, and visitors are required to wear a face mask or face covering. You will receive one face covering at the start of the Fall Semester and are encouraged to obtain additional face coverings on your own. The mask or cloth face covering is not considered a substitute for social distancing.

    Social or Physical Distancing

    Maintaining distance from one another is one of the best tools to avoid exposure to COVID-19 and slow its spread. Because the virus can be spread by someone even when they do not feel sick or demonstrate symptoms, it is important to keep a safe distance from one another whenever possible.

    • Always stay at least 6 feet (about two arms lengths) from other people – this is true even when wearing a mask.
    • Stay out of crowded places and avoid mass gatherings.
    • It goes without saying: Do not shake hands, hug, or otherwise have physical greetings that require touching. Please do say hello and warmly greet one another!