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Military students walk across Saint Leo campus.

Programs and Services (OMAS)

The Office of Military Affairs and Services (OMAS) offers a variety of programs and services designed to enhance the student experience and personal success for veteran and military students at Saint Leo. 

Military Resource Center

Are you looking for a place on campus where you can meet other veterans, study, eat your lunch, or just relax? Then head to the Military Resource Center (MRC)

Saint Leo created the MRC to help you to connect with other veterans and military-connected students, transition into college life, and to support your academic success. The Center is located on campus in Building/Apartment 4 (in the former Lakeside Room) and is open Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 7:00 pm.

Amenities include:

  • Computer room (3 computers) with printing capability
  • Whiteboard, podium and audiovisual to support classroom instruction
  • 60" plasma TV with cable
  • Lounge chairs, tables and chairs
  • Refrigerator, microwave

Come connect with other veterans!

Conversation About Success Beyond Service

This networking series is designed to provide student-veterans, service-members, and military-connected students the opportunity to find resources, make connections, and discuss topics important to their personal and professional development. Join us from wherever you are to build camaraderie within the Saint Leo community!

Upcoming Program:

Summer 2
Elite Opportunities for Enlisted Services Members,
Featuring:  SSG Mary Kate Soliva, Special Operations Soldier

Links to previous programs:

Summer 1
Post-Service Opportunities in Real Estate
Featuring:  Lloyd Dreibelbis, RMS Elite Properties

Watch Event Replay 

Got Your Six Military Student Support Program

Saint Leo University is launching a new program to promote the academic success of veterans and military-related students on campus through a faculty and staff support network called the “Got Your Six Military Student Support Program.”   “Got Your Six” is a military term that means “we’ve got your back”.  Through this network, USF is committing to support our student veterans by “having their back”. 

This program consists of volunteers from the Saint Leo faculty, staff, and student body who value our military members and veterans and want to help them succeed on at Saint Leo University. Today’s veterans face unique challenges as a result of their service in the military and their needs are quite different from traditional college students.  Many veterans find it difficult to adjust to a new culture and environment while others struggle with PTSD, TBI or other war related injuries.  Transitioning from a combat zone to an academic environment can be quite intimidating for a veteran who has been out of school for a long time. The “Got Your Six Military Student Support Program” is designed to equip volunteers throughout the institution with information and resources that will enhance student veterans’ educational experience.  This program will provide campus volunteers (Faculty and Staff) with formalized training on the issues and obstacles our veterans face when they leave the military and attend college.  

Program is set to launch in the Fall semester of 2022.

Veteran Networking Program

The Veteran Networking Program is designed to connect veterans with prospective employers in the Tampa Bay Region.  The Office of Military Affairs and Services will host a series of networking events that will bring veterans and employers together in a social setting to make connections and enhance employment opportunities for veterans residing in the Tampa Bay region.  In addition, this program will provide opportunities for students to receive resume review and mock interviews with professionals trained in veteran employment. 

This program will launch in during the Fall Semester of 2022.  A virtual version of this program is set to launch in the Spring of 2023.