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New Lions

    Pre-Registration Check List

    Your student success coach will register for your first semester courses. This checklist contains items that you must compete or submit prior to starting class.

    Order and Submit All Official Transcripts

    You can send Saint Leo University the official transcripts from your previous institutions by mail or by email.

    If you have ordered electronic official transcripts, please send it to this email address when prompted:

    If you have ordered a sealed physical copy of your official transcripts, please send them to the address below:
    Saint Leo University
    Attn: Registrar's Office
    PO Box 6665-MC2278
    Saint Leo, FL 33574

    Transfer Credits

    Saint Leo University awards college credit for qualifying scores on the Advanced Placement, Dual Enrollment, International Baccalaureate (IB), or Cambridge AICE/GCE. For more information, visit the Saint Leo University Registrar's Resource page.

    Accept the Registration Agreement

    The first time you log into the portal you will be prompted to accept the registration agreement.

    Registration Agreement

    View Registration Agreement Instructions (PDF)

    Completing your registration agreement is a key step in continuing with your education at Saint Leo University. This agreement makes you aware of the financial requirements for all students. If you do not sign your registration agreement, you will not be able to enroll in classes. If you have any questions prior to completing the agreement, please call Student Financial Support toll-free at (800) 240-7658.

    Important Note: It is critical to complete your registration agreement as soon as possible.

    Accessing you account:

    1. Please navigate here FIRST and change your password:
    2. Once the password is reset, setup OKTA Login:

    Steps to complete your registration agreement:

    1. Sign into Okta at
    2. Click on the 'Students' tab
      Click on the Students tab
    3. Click on REGAG Form
      Click on REGAG Form
    4. Electronically sign the registration agreement
    5. Click on Submit
      Click on Submit

    Placement Exams

    In order to foster an environment that promotes academic success, it is vital that students take certain courses early in their academic careers. Placement Exams are just one way to help Student Success Coaches identify courses that best align with a student’s current academic ability. Other ways that this is determined are:

    • By deciding not to take Placement Exams.If a student decides not to complete placement exams, s/he will register for ENG 110-How to Write Well or MAT 100-Intro to Algebra with Applications (if required for selected major).
    • By submitting official ACT and/or SAT scores.The chart below outlines the courses a student will place in based on their scores:
    Saint Leo Mathematics COURSE GRID Mathematics ACT Scores Mathematics SAT Scores
    MAT 100/131 0 - 17 0 - 449
    MAT 128/141 18 - 20 450 - 519
    MAT 151/201 21 - 22 520 - 539
    MAT 152 23 - 26 540 - 609
    MAT 231 27 610
    Saint Leo English COURSE GRID English ACT Scores English SAT Scores
    ENG 110 - Native Speakers

    ENG 119 - Non-native Speakers
    0 - 18 0 - 509
    ENG 121 19 510

    • If you have credits from Advanced Placement, Dual Enrollment, International Baccalaureate (IB), or Cambridge AICE/GCE, please submit your transcripts to Saint Leo University Registrar's Department to verify if you are able to waive taking the placement exams. Please visit our Placement Exam Exemptions webpage for more information regarding exemptions.

    Complete Financial Aid Forms

    Register for New Student Orientation

    • Click here to register!

    Find Useful Residence Life Information

    Visit the Rates, Forms, and Dates tabs here to get information on how to complete and submit housing forms.

    Submit Immunization Documents

    Click here for instructions.
    If you cannot login, please download the immunization form and email it to

    If you have any questions, please call the Health Center at (352) 588-8347.

    Learn about Student Health Insurance

    Already have insurance? Complete the Student Health Insurance Waiver form.

    FERPA Form

    At the post-secondary level, right of access is limited solely to the student. Under FERPA, parents do not have the inherent right to access or inspect their son's or daughter's financial or educational records—including grades and other academic progress information—unless the student has provided express, written authorization. Complete the release form.

    Extra Information

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