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About University Explorations

    Program Overview

    University Explorations is the university’s general education program. General education is a vital part of a student’s course of study at Saint Leo University, as it informs, deepens, and extends learning beyond the major.

    Through a topical focus, University Explorations courses demonstrate the relevance of the liberal arts and sciences to today’s world, cultivating in students essential skills in critical thinking and decision making, effective communication, problem solving, analysis, and creativity.

    The curriculum consists of 42 credit hours comprised of the following:

    • 12 credits of foundational learning
    • 30 credits hours spread over five learning clusters representing the liberal arts and sciences

    Foundation Courses

    Foundation courses in writing, mathematics and computer science prepare students to deal effectively with the rest of their coursework at Saint Leo University. These essential courses lay the groundwork for undergraduate students to succeed by providing them with the basic skills and tools that are required in upper-level courses. They consist of:

    Learning Clusters

    The Human Adventure (6 credits)

    Exploring the past, living in the present, and shaping the future

    The Human Adventure captures the nature of the human experience from social, political, psychological, economic, and historical perspectives. These courses require students to examine their lives within the context of a broader society and explore the ways in which humans understand themselves and interact with one another across space and time. Integrating the Core Values of Respect, Community, and Responsible Stewardship, these courses will provide students with the tools necessary to understand the past, live in the present and affect the future.

    The Human Mosaic (3 credits)

    Learning to live in a global society

    Focusing on the Core Values of Respect and Community, the courses within the Human Mosaic are designed to prepare students to live and work in our diverse and global society. While exploring issues related to race, ethnicity, culture, and gender, students will come to understand that they cannot understand the totality of the human experience without taking into account its diversity. These courses will provide students with the tools of tolerance, respect, and cultural awareness that will be essential to their success as they encounter new ideas and interact with a wide array of people in their daily lives and in their careers.

    Science in a Changing World (6 credits)

    Expanding the possible

    Progress in contemporary sciences continues to have a significant, ongoing impact on human life. Science in a Changing World examines the contemporary topics that impact the way humans live. Students will apply the fundamental principles of the natural world to provide possible solutions of today’s real-world problems. As a result, Saint Leo students will be better prepared to be informed members of the 21st century global community.

    The Creative Life (6 credits)

    Expressing the human experience through the arts

    The Creative Life not only introduces students to the producers, products and processes of imagination; it activates their own imaginations. Through these courses, students will investigate the spectrum of human creativity and artistic endeavor, as well as the world’s outstanding artists, gaining an understanding of the contributions of the arts to the world. Just as important, they will be given the aesthetic tools to both appreciate the artists’ work and art in general, and to live a creative life.

    The Reflective and Spiritual Life (9 credits, 3 from philosophy)

    Examining human and divine life

    Reflection and spirituality lie at the center of what it means to be human. The study of philosophy, theology, and religion at Saint Leo University is an integral part of who we are as a Catholic university. The exploration courses in the reflective and spiritual life invite students to critically examine beliefs, understand a diversity of worldviews, and responsibly challenge the ideas and values that instruct our lives.

    Click here for a complete description of the program in the current catalog.

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