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Education Degrees

Explore the education degree programs offered by Saint Leo University. This includes on-campus and online degrees in elementary and secondary education, as well as master’s and doctoral degree options. If you’re passionate about the education field, we can prepare you to make a difference in the community. But deciding on the teaching degree program that will best suit your goals is a critical first step in that success.

Whether you want to educate the next generation in a classroom setting or work toward improving how young people learn in an administrative role, Saint Leo University offers a number of degree options in education to meet your goals. Along with online and campus-based coursework, we also offer degrees at our Education Centers throughout the country. It’s easier than ever to access our high-quality programs no matter where you reside.


What Types of Education Degree Programs Are Available?

Saint Leo University offers a variety of education degrees, along with multiple minor options. The Bachelor of Arts programs includes an early childhood education degree track, elementary education degrees, middle grades education and secondary education programs in a variety of subjects. Our master’s degree in education programs features education leadership tracks, instructional leadership, reading, design and more. We also offer a doctorate of school leadership, as well as other programs.

Online Education Degrees

We are excited to offer a large selection of online education degrees to help our students balance the requirements of work and home life with their studies. These online programs include bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree programs. Our online education students are currently pursuing bachelor’s degrees in early childhood development, elementary and middle grades education. As a Saint Leo student, there are also a number of master’s degrees and a doctorate of education programs to choose from.

Studying Education at Saint Leo University

Our goal is to create opportunities for students to earn their degrees while effectively balancing the requirements of home and work life. Along with pursuing your education degree online, we also offer programs of study at our university campus and throughout our Education Centers. Our campus is located in Saint Leo, FL, and we also have Education Centers in California, Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia and Florida.

Find a Job in a Growing Field with an Education Degree

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), 116,300 new kindergarten and elementary school teachers are needed before 2026. That’s in addition to the 47,300 middle school and 76,800 high school teachers that are expected to be hired in that same period. There are also 197,800 new jobs anticipated for post-secondary teachers, which is growing at twice the normal job rates across the country.

Saint Leo University Education Students Offer Rave Reviews

Jennifer Mills, who earned her master’s degree in education from Saint Leo, loves the fact that she can pursue a doctorate on her own terms. “Saint Leo provides a flexible setting that suits my busy life,” Mills says. “This program allows me to meet my educational goals while balancing career and family.” Having a network around her has been a tremendous benefit, she adds. “The best aspect of the program is the family relationships that are built among classmates and faculty,” she says. “I feel supported and able to succeed due to these relationships.”

What Are Examples of an Education Degree?

There are two distinctions in terms of education degrees and those relate to both the level of your degree as well as the area of study. You can pursue a bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate or minor degree in education. While in pursuit of those degrees, you can study specific areas like early childhood education, elementary education, middle-grade education, secondary education and more.

Do you earn education degrees in specific areas or subjects like math and English?

Yes. Within each education degree program category, you can focus your studies on subjects like English, social studies, reading, math and science and more. You can also earn a Master of Education degree in areas like educational leadership, exceptional student education, instructional leadership and more.

Do education classes teach how to incorporate technology into the modern classroom?

The education programs that best prepare you for success do incorporate lessons on how to best leverage new technologies into the modern classroom. From iPads to SMART boards and more, learning in our computer-centric environment is critical to the success of today’s students. The better, more advanced education degree programs take this into consideration and speak to the technology as well as the lessons you need to become an education professional.

Contact Our Admissions Team with any Education Degree Questions

Do you have any questions about our education degrees? Our admissions team at Saint Leo University is standing by to help. Whether you are wondering how many credit hours are required in our early childhood education degree program, have questions about our online education degree options or anything in between, we’re looking forward to connecting with you.

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