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Mission, Values, and Identity

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Mission Statement

Saint Leo University is an innovative global Catholic liberal arts university that fosters a warm, inclusive community that helps educate and develop students for success. We inspire diversity of thought in our next generation of leaders and the courage to boldly confront the world’s challenges through service to others.

Saint Leo Vision Statement

A Leading Catholic Teaching University of International Consequence for the Twenty-first Century:


  1. A leading Catholic teaching university that attracts students, faculty, staff and philanthropic support
  2. Internationally recognized as an innovative and challenging university of demonstrated quality
  3. Alumni who are sought by employers and graduate schools and are prepared to live and work in a global society
  4. One institution serving multiple populations through  appropriate delivery systems in multiple locations
  5. A values-driven culture that appreciates, supports and leverages our diverse programs and operations
  6. An entrepreneurial organization connected to alumni, communities, and strategic partners
  7. A financially strong university that invests in people, facilities and technology
  8. Integrated learning environments with leadership at all levels and a shared vision that excites, motivates and inspires.

Catholic Identity

  • Saint Leo University baccalaureate mass
  • Saint Leo University is a community rooted in the Catholic faith and in the spirit of our Benedictine founders. We are an outgrowth of Catholic social teaching, which insists that human institutions and relationships be based on dignity as well as social and economic justice. The university also adheres to the Catholic intellectual tradition, which celebrates the compatibility of faith and reason, and thus, welcomes students of all faiths and intellectual traditions.

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Core Values

  • Community

    We develop hospitable Christian learning communities wherever we are called to serve. With mutual trust and respect as the bedrock of our relationships, we foster a spirit of belonging, unity, and interdependence.

  • Excellence

    Saint Leo University is an educational enterprise. All of us, individually and collectively, work hard to ensure that our students develop the character, learn the skills, and assimilate the knowledge essential to become morally responsible leaders. The success of our university depends upon a conscientious commitment to our mission, vision, and goals.

  • Personal Development

    We want every student to have a balanced life, so we stress the development of mind, body, and spirit.

    All members of the Saint Leo University community must demonstrate their commitment to personal development to help strengthen the character of our community.

  • Respect

    Animated in the spirit of Jesus Christ, we value all individuals’ unique talents, respect their dignity, and strive to foster their commitment to excellence in our work. Our community’s strength depends on the unity and diversity of our people, on the free exchange of ideas, and on learning, living, and working harmoniously.

  • Integrity

    Saint Leo University’s commitment to excellence is dependent on the pledge of its faculty, staff, and students to be honest, just, and consistent in word and deed.

  • Responsible Stewardship

    Our Creator blesses us with an abundance of resources. We foster a spirit of service to employ our resources for university and community development.


  • Our community supports diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice (DEIJ). What this means is that we value and celebrate people who identify with a wide variety of social identity groups, including race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, physical ability, class, political beliefs, and more. It also means we strive to distribute all opportunities and resources evenly to our community.

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Almost 25% Global Students

Center for Global Engagement

97% of Students Report Demonstrating Knowledge of Diverse Populations, Beliefs, Values and Norms

Saint Leo University's Assessment and Institutional Research Office

100+ Countries Where Saint Leo Alumni Live

Center for Global Engagement

Community Engagement

  • Saint Leo student participates in Community Day
  • Community Service Day

    Once a semester, the Office of Community Engagement provides a day of service events for the Saint Leo community. Major events include Veterans Day of Service and Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service, which are opportunities to demonstrate our values of respect, community, integrity, and personal development.

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  • Volunteer/Service Clubs

    The Office of Community Engagement aims to provide students opportunities to volunteer and participate in service clubs at Saint Leo University, as well as collaborate with our community partners.

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  • Saint Leo student volunteering on Veterans service day