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Religion and Theology Degrees

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Philosophy, Theology, and Religion

Whether you are seeking spiritual and leadership development, a career in ministry, or advanced theological education, Saint Leo University offers degree programs under the Philosophy, Theology, and Religion umbrella. Consider attaining an undergraduate or graduate degree in one of these relevant fields at our University Campus.

We also offer blended options with occasional weekend coursework and online components. This approach allows for the adult learner or working professional to complete their degree with plenty of flexibility.

What is a Theology Degree?

Theology students will develop a more holistic view of the human experience in light of God, church, the scriptures, and Christian history to inform their life and work; whether serving the in a parish, classroom, courtroom, or a social service organization. Saint Leo University is Florida’s oldest Catholic college, with centuries-old roots in the Benedictine tradition. Students benefit from the relationship with University Ministry and are fortunate to study in the shadows of the Benedictine brothers and sisters at Saint Leo Abbey and Monastery. The experiences at Saint Leo University is meant to guide students toward career goals and to a higher mind-body-spirit connection through respect, service and joy.

What Types of Theology Degree Jobs are Available?

There are several theology degree job titles you could pursue in full-time ministry or other church-related careers. Some job titles may include:

  • Director of religious education
  • Clergy
  • Conflict resolution specialist
  • High school teacher
  • Hospital chaplain
  • Lawyer
  • Mediator
  • Music minister
  • Social worker
  • Youth counselor
  • Ministry
  • Missionary
  • Youth minister

Can you Earn an Online Theology Degree?

At Saint Leo University, you can earn your master’s degree in theology online, allowing you the flexibility to maintain your career and family life while you study. We hold online students to the same high standards of ethics and academic excellence as our University Campus students. Our theology faculty will guide you to a plan that best suits your individual goals, talents and needs at any stage in your career.

Undergraduate Degree Programs

Graduate Degree Programs