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A Liberal Arts Education You Can Believe In

Saint Leo University’s College of Arts and Sciences offers students a broad education that fosters critical and independent thinking. Our curricula and programs encourage you to develop ethics and values, ensuring depth and diversity in whatever areas of study you choose. 

No matter where you are in life, we want you to feel confident about your educational experience at Saint Leo. Our faculty and staff provide consistent, quality curricula across campus, online learning, and education centers. 

Programs That Prepare You for Long-Term Success

  • All of my professors were memorable to me and are intrinsically part of the reason for where I am today. You get to extensively work with them. My professors knew what I was interested in and were there for me as mentors to help me achieve my goals.

    Bradley Brooks | Biology Degree alumnus

  • As a leader in liberal arts education, Saint Leo University offers a wide range of academic programs within the arts and sciences realm for undergraduate and graduate students. Because we are a firm believer that learning is just as important outside the classroom as it is inside, our students have opportunities to travel the world, conduct exceptional research, and contribute to respected publications. 

    The College supports over 40 programs and provides resources such as student advising and career services to help you become one of its many success stories.

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Top Undergraduate Arts and Sciences Programs

  • Bachelor's Degree in Biology - General

    • College of Arts and Sciences
  • Bachelor's Degree in Psychology - General

    • College of Arts and Sciences
    Campus Education Center Online
  • Bachelor's Degree in Political Science

    • College of Arts and Sciences

Top Graduate Arts and Sciences Programs

  • Master's Degree in Creative Writing

    • College of Arts and Sciences
  • Master's Degree in Theology

    • College of Arts and Sciences
    Education Center Online

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Browse more than 60 rigorous major and minor programs and find the right degree for you. Start searching below by degree, interest, or career.

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Meet the Arts and Sciences Faculty

Discover our esteemed faculty members who are making a huge impact in their respective fields and providing dynamic ways of learning in the classroom and beyond.

  • Dr. Heather Parker, Dean of College of Arts and Sciences

    Heather Parker, Ph.D.

  • Marc Pugliese faculty member

    Marc Pugliese, Ph.D.

  • Tim Jussaume faculty member

    Timothy Jussaume, Ph.D.

Featured Academic Opportunities

Saint Leo's College of Arts & Sciences offers students a broad education that lays a durable foundation for critical and independent thinking. The essential spirit of the liberal arts—namely, the liberation of the mind, and acquisition of habits and values that lead to truth—animates the School's curricula and programs.

Sandhill Review

Students also attend film screenings, poetry readings and professional development events sponsored by the College. They contribute to our literary magazine Sandhill Review and to Empiricus: The Sunshine Journal for Collaborative Undergraduate Research, created to bring together scholarly inquiry across the School's disciplines.

Digital issues of the Sandhill Review can be viewed using the links below.

Volume 24: The Unfamiliar

Volume 23: The World Around Us

Volume 22: This Is Me

Volume 21: Belonging