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Awarding Career Educators in STEM (ACES)

A Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program at Saint Leo

Students who love biology and math have more career options than ever before. Saint Leo can show you how to set your passion on a new course by becoming a STEM teacher through a degree program that keeps you close to the subjects that matter most.

Pursue your passion for STEM and teaching with a scholarship funded by the National Science Foundation. Awarding Career Educators in STEM (ACES) is a scholarship specifically designed for students who major in mathematics or biology, and minor in education. Qualifying students receive $18,750 in both their junior and senior year. ACES scholars also receive assistance with teacher certification exams, teaching experiences and mentoring that continues into the first years of teaching after graduation.

Interested in applying for the ACES Scholarship?

Complete the ACES Application Form and ACES Recommendation Form and submit them to us at

ACES Scholarship Application

ACES Recommendation Letter

ACES Scholarship Eligibility Requirements

  • Minimum 3.0 GPA.
  • Major or plan to major in biology or math, with a minor in education.
  • Plan to attend or currently enrolled full-time at Saint Leo University main campus.
  • Must be a U.S. Citizen.
  • Must demonstrate financial need.
  • Must submit your FAFSA®.
  • Must submit the STEM Scholarship application, which requires:
    • Two professional recommendations that reflect your STEM background and experiences, and your potential for teaching.
    • 500 Word Essay about your passion to pursue Biology or Math

Selection of ACES Scholarship Recipients

Students can expect to hear back within 2-4 weeks after application has been submitted.

Degree Programs Covered by ACES

Additionally, Saint Leo University offers a variety of education degrees, along with multiple minor options. The Bachelor of Arts programs includes an early childhood education degree track, elementary education degrees, middle grades education and secondary education programs in a variety of subjects. Our master’s degree in education programs features education leadership tracks, instructional leadership, reading, design and more. We also offer a doctorate of school leadership, as well as other programs.

Explore Education Degrees

Why Become a STEM Teacher?

Science is everywhere! Technology is constantly changing. Engineering is involved in the structural designs of our buildings and roads, and also tackles the process of improving smart products for our homes. It is literally everywhere. Mathematics is involved in all occupations in every single aspect of our daily lives.

By exposing students to STEM and opening student's minds to STEM concepts, you are essentially changing the trajectory of our future too. Make an impact on the lives of children and young adults who share your passion for science, technology, engineering and math. Stake your place in a high-demand profession where current teacher shortages in science and math translate into greater opportunities for trained and certified STEM teachers.

  • JOBS! The Florida Department of Education (FLDOE) has annually identified critical teacher shortages in the areas of science and math. These critical shortages translate into high demand for STEM trained and certified teachers
  • MAKE an impact in the lives of children and young adults.
  • IMPROVE the quality of STEM education for current and future students in your community.
  • SHARE your love of biology or math with others.

Meet Our STEM Faculty

We have all heard that our nation needs more talent ̶ regardless of gender or background ̶ to take on the rising number of jobs in fields related to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Here is an aspect of the challenge you may not have considered, though: to create more STEM-trained professionals, we need more secondary-level public school ̶educators who are well-trained in the underlying subjects.

A high-powered team of educators is making sure Saint Leo University is doing its part to train talented University Campus students to help fill this need. At the same time, they are exposing more of our students to satisfying career opportunities they have otherwise overlooked.

The group is headed by Dr. Laura Altfeld, an associate professor of biology and ecology, working closely with her are, Dr. Holly Atkins, chair of the Undergraduate Education Department; and science faculty member Cheryl Berry, who teaches life sciences and science education courses.

The team has an ongoing focus on recruiting and selecting rising juniors for substantial two-year scholarships (underwritten by a grant) and extensive mentoring opportunities. The students admitted to this forward-looking program are going to be called ACES - Noyce Fellows.

  • Holly Atkins

    Dr. Holly Atkins, Ph.D.

  • Missing Headshot

    Ms. Cheryl Berry, D.Ed.

One Passion With More Than One Pathway To Get There

Saint Leo University is offering STEM majors the opportunity to turn their passion into a teaching career. Through a scholarship available to students through the university, you can explore the possibilities STEM teaching offers.

Pathway 1

Freshmen year college students choose a major in biology or math, plus a minor in education to receive the most technology advanced training in teaching that an undergraduate degree has to offer.

Pathway 2

Current Saint Leo biology or math majors that are looking to also minor in education.

Get Involved with STEM


  • Laela Oullette presenting her STEM research at the SENOYCE

    Laela Oullette presenting her STEM research at the SENOYCE

  • Scholars at AAAS National Summit in Washington, DC

    Scholars at AAAS National Summit in Washington, DC


  • Laela Oullette and Chris Bove win the 2021 Saint Leo University Physics Program Bridge Competition

    Laela Oullette and Chris Bove win the 2021 Saint Leo University Physics Program Bridge Competition

  • Leala Oullette and Chris Bove assist in judging science fair projects at a local elementary school

    Leala Oullette and Chris Bove assist in judging science fair projects at a local elementary school

Graduated STEM Scholars

  • Laela Oullette

    Laela graduated in 22’ with her biology degree and education minor and now works as a science teacher at Nobles High School in North Berwick, Maine.

  • STEM grad Laela Oullette
  • STEM grad Jacob Austin
  • Jacob Austin

    Justin graduated in 21’ with his mathematics degree and completed his education minor in Fall 2022 and now works as a mathematics teacher at Cypress Creek High School in Wesley Chapel, Florida.

Want to Know More?

For more information about your pathway to a STEM teaching degree at Saint Leo, reach out to one of our faculty members who are as passionate about biology and math as you.

For more information about your pathway to a STEM teaching degree, reach out to one of our faculty members or email us at

Listen to a recent information session about the ACES scholarship!

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