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Next-Level Grad Award

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At Saint Leo University, we believe that investing in our students is an investment in our community, so we are committed to helping qualifying students finance their education through the Next-Level Grad Award. This award offers substantial cost savings to our graduate students. 

Throughout your time in one of Saint Leo University's Master of Business Administration (MBA), or Master's Degree in Criminal Justice (MSCJ) degree programs, you'll gain the hands-on experience and professional connections you're looking for. You'll fine-tune your critical thinking and communication skills and be empowered by a community that will support you throughout your career. 

Our graduate degree programs are designed to make education more accessible through a format that complements your lifestyle, career goals, and personal responsibilities. 

Next-Level Grad Award

The Graduate Program Scholarship (Next-Level Grad Award) is a fantastic opportunity for newly applied/enrolled students to Saint Leo University graduate programs.  

Must be conferred BA/BS at time of start date.

The scholarship is available for students newly enrolled in the Master's Degree in Business Administration or the Master's Degree in Criminal Justice (all specializations). 

  • The scholarship covers the tuition costs for the final 9 credit hours of the program (all specializations).  
  • Technology fee not waived.  
  • Book fees not waived.  
  • Assessment fee not waived. 
  • Up to 6 transfer credits

The scholarship covers the tuition costs for the final 9 credit hours of the program (all specializations).

Eligibility Requirements

  • WorldWide Students
  • Students must be fully admitted into the MBA or MSCJ program in the 2024SP1, 2024SP2, and 2024SU1 terms. 
  • To continue receiving the scholarship, students must meet all academic performance requirements and maintain good standing in their program from an attendance, student conduct, and GPA requirement standard (3.0 cumulative average or better).
  • Students cannot change their program outside of the MBA Online or Criminal Justice degree programs and must maintain continuous enrollment. 

Students Not Eligible:  

  • Returning students who had posted attendance during the previous six terms are not eligible to apply for this scholarship as new students. (Re-Entry) 
    • Returning students with an updated catalog.
    • Provisional admits due to GPA. 
  • Cannot be combined with TA or any additional discounts.  

Student Requirements: 

  • Please follow up with your student success coach/advisor during your final 12 credits in your program. 


Qualifying Graduate Degree Programs