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Master's Degree in Business Administration - Data Analytics

Why Earn Your MBA in Data Analytics at Saint Leo University?

Now is the time to earn your MBA in Data Analytics at Saint Leo University. Are you a numbers person? Does looking at data sets, charts, graphs, and other visuals put your mind in full gear? Are you looking to advance your career in the exciting area of data analytics, a field with high demand and lucrative opportunities?

Saint Leo University is excited to offer a Master of Business Administration with concentration in Data Analytics. This program provides a comprehensive curriculum that gives students the power of an MBA education, but with a specialization that can help graduates define their goals and attain gainful employment in data analytics.

Unlike a typical MBA program or MS in Data Analytics curriculum, the MBA in Data Analytics program combines the core knowledge and concepts of business administration with the technical aspects of data analysis. This unique curriculum gives graduates of this program the opportunity to become highly-sought-after candidates for exciting positions in a wide variety of industries.

Our MBA in Data Analytics program involves examining large data sets to uncover hidden patterns, correlations, and other key insights on which certain determinations can be made. Thanks to 21st-century technology, it’s now easier than ever to collect and analyze data and obtain specific results from that data in mere seconds to make effective business decisions.

Data analytics demonstrates how statistics, computer science, and data visualizations all converge to produce powerful information. The concept has numerous real-world applications across a wide variety of industries, including business, marketing, health sciences, and technology.

The intended goals behind data analytics can help organizations with increased efficiency, cost reduction, faster and more strategic decision-making, and improved customer satisfaction.


As technology has soared to never-before-seen heights in the past decade, data has been collected in countless ways, particularly in the world of business. This is why data analytics has grown into a tremendously important industry. This convenient online program, which consists of 12 courses, comes with the much-desired flexibility of allowing students to complete their coursework in an environment best suited for their success.


Learning Experience:
Campus Education Center Online
Est. Time to Complete:
2 years
Credit Hours:
36 hours
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Next Level Grad Award

At Saint Leo University, we believe that investing in our students is an investment in our community, so we are committed to helping qualifying students finance their education through the Next-Level Grad Award. This award offers substantial cost savings to our graduate students. 

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Graduates may find employment opportunities as:

  • Mid- and higher-level business administration roles
  • Computer and information analysts
  • Research scientists
  • Software developers
  • Operations and research analysts
  • Mathematicians
  • Statisticians
  • Educators in business, statistics, data analysis, and other relevant areas