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Student Employment

Federal Work-Study Program

  • The Federal Undergraduate Work-Study Program provides hourly-wage, part-time jobs for students with financial need. Due to limited Federal funds, student employment is based on a first come, first serve basis. Interested students must complete the FAFSA and indicate that they are interested in Federal Work Study and have eligibility. As Federal Work Study is awarded, deadlines will be placed on completing the employment paperwork prior to the beginning of employment.

Eligibility Requirements Go to financial aid web page Financial Aid Eligibility Requirements for general and program-related requirements.
Aid Awarded Awarded to students with financial need, is based on fund availability. Students must file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) as part of the application process for FWS assistance.
Annual Award Amount for an Academic Year Maximum award amount : $6,240
Pay Schedule Work study students receive a pay check bi-weekly.

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Non-Federal Student Employment Program

Student Employment positions are funded either by Federal Work Study or Institutional Funds. If you are not awarded Federal Work Study, there are limited job opportunities available on campus that do not require the Federal Work Study award.  Be sure to list all of your skills and/or certifications in your cover letter and resume and watch the job postings for available positions.

Please contact us for more information at (800) 240-7658 or (352) 588-7403 or via email:

Explore Saint Leo University Student Employment

On the Employment at Saint Leo University website, be sure to click on the More button and select Student (Fixed Term) to see posted student employment positions. Federal positions are denoted by FWS in the title.

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