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Florida Prepaid College Plan

Using Your Florida Prepaid College Plan at Saint Leo University

In order for Florida Prepaid College Plan benefits to be paid out, students must first complete a transfer authorization request. (The transfer authorization includes additional details about how the school is paid.) Transfer authorizations may be submitted directly online by the Florida Prepaid College Plan account owner or student.

To submit a transfer authorization request, log into the Florida Prepaid Account Holder Resources. Click on the ‘Plan Details’ tab and select ‘See Usage.’ Florida Prepaid will notify Saint Leo University when the authorization is complete.

If at any time a student wishes to change the pay selection, they must contact Florida Prepaid directly. Florida Prepaid will then provide the update to Saint Leo University.

Saint Leo University will bill Florida Prepaid for every term that the student is enrolled unless otherwise notified. Florida Prepaid funds are applied to student accounts during the 4th and 5th weeks of class in each term after the drop/add period has ended and after eligible financial aid funds have disbursed.

It should be noted that as a private university, Florida Prepaid plans will not cover 100% of the tuition expenses. Students and their families should review billing rates of the plan compared to expenses and take appropriate steps to fund any balances that will not be covered by Florida Prepaid.

Types of Florida Prepaid Plans

Unrestricted Plan:

Saint Leo University will bill the amount of the tuition or account balance after financial aid is applied, whichever the student prefers.

Restricted Plan:

Florida Prepaid issues billing rates each academic year. This is the amount under the restricted plan that the University can bill per credit hour. Please note that if a 2+2 plan was purchased, the community college hours/funds must be depleted before Saint Leo University can begin billing at the University rate.

For More Information

If you have questions about current billing rates for your specific plan, or other Florida Prepaid account questions, please contact Florida Prepaid at 1-800-552-4723 or For general information about Florida Prepaid College Plans, visit the Florida Prepaid website.

For questions about how Saint Leo University is applying or managing Florida Prepaid account funds, please contact Tami Gildea at 352-588-8603 or