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Clubs and Organizations

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Academic Clubs

American Marketing Association

The American Marketing Association is a national organization that connects professional marketers with students to create an invaluable network, it also helps to grow and shape students into America’s next top marketers. The Saint Leo University Chapter of the American Marketing Association is committed to developing top marketers out of every student in our organization no matter their major. We aim to give students the out of classroom experience they need to take the step from student to professional.

Computer Club

The computer club mainly focuses on engaging with the community through computers, developing their personal technological resumes, and building ones knowledge in coding and computer functions.

Debate Club

The organization offers members opportunities to engage in thoughtful discussions, speeches, and debates, allowing members to enhance public speaking and improve critical thinking skills. The purpose of the organization is to present the members of the debate club the opportunity to grow their intellect and learn ways in which to present a case and defend their position.

Global Studies

The global studies club strives to promote cultural awareness and inclusivity. The club is responsible for hosting an annual event on behalf of Oxfam that highlights the disparity between socioeconomic classes. The club also sends a group of representatives to the Model Arab League hosted at the University of South Florida, Tampa. We hope to engage the student population through exposure to other cultural backgrounds. We achieve this by attending various cultural festivals such as the St. Pete International Folk Festival or Curry Fest.

Math Club

The Saint Leo University Math Club was formed by our founder Dr. Monika Kiss in 2007 and has been active on the University Campus since then. For the year 2009-2010 the club won the Outstanding Organization award for service to the Saint Leo University Community. The club organizes events to celebrate math during the year. Our most favorite event is Math week, which often takes place around March 14 sometimes dubbed as Pi Day. We are going to be posting information on our upcoming Math Week very soon. In addition, math club members go to math conferences both locally and nationally. Our E-Board recently visited the MAA Conference this past August in Denver, Colorado.

National Society of Minorities in Hospitality

NSMH is a society focused in the development of students hospitality knowledge. The club takes part in planning, hosting and attending multiple conferences through out the years. The club will often take trips to different hotels, tourist locations and restaurants around the country to fully indulge in the hospitality industry.

IMA Student Chapter

The Institute of Management Accountants Student Chapter is an organization on campus that is a part of the international organization, called The Institute of Management Accountants (IMA). The IMA advances members' professional expertise and leadership potential by providing a wide range of resources, such as scholarships and exam review material discounts, and by offering timely, practical knowledge. The IMASC connects students with employers and exam review professionals through on campus networking events. We also offer educational sessions to help students with their interviewing skills and writing resumes.


The purpose of the Pre-Med Club is as follows:

  • To provide Saint Leo University students an outlet to explore future schooling and career opportunities in any aspect/area of medicine (Medical School, Optometry, Physical Therapy, Physician Assistant, Biomedical Research, etc.).
  • To provide a resource to students looking for a chance to intern, job shadow, and learn from current professionals in different medical fields.
  • To assist students in the process of applying for admission to medical institutions.

Honor Societies

The Student Activities Department does not oversee the Honors Societies. However, listed below are the honors societies presented on campus, if you are interested in getting involved with an honors society, we suggest contacting the head of the college or department for more information.

Alpha Kappa Delta (Sociology)
Alpha Mu Alpha (Marketing)
Alpha Phi Sigma  |  Local Chapter: Alpha Phi Sigma (Criminal Justice)
Alpha Psi Omega  |  Local Chapter: Alpha Psi Omega (The Theatre)
Beta Beta Beta |  Local Chapter: Beta Beta Beta (Biology)
Chi Alpha Sigma (NCAHS)
Delta Epsilon Sigma
Delta Mu Delta (Business)
Kappa Delta Pi (Education)
Lambda Pi Eta (Communication Management, Multimedia Management)
Omega Nu Lambda (WorldWide Students)
Omicron Delta Kappa (Leadership)
Phi Alpha Theta (History)
Phi Alpha (Social Work)
Pi Gamma Mu (Social Sciences)
Pi Sigma Alpha (Political Science)
Psi Chi (Psychology)
Sigma Alpha Pi (Leadership & Success)
Sigma Tau Delta (English)
Theta Alpha Kappa (Religion)

Multicultural Clubs

Black Student Union

By advocating this correspondence we hope to administer a larger sense of community throughout the students by participating in various activities, conferences, and philanthropy projects. We strive to better the relations between students of all backgrounds to promote a greater sense of understanding among all.

Learn About the Black Student Union

Caribbean Student Association

A medium of interaction between students of Caribbean descent at Saint Leo University and a space to educate all interested parties on various Caribbean issues, including but not limited to educational, cultural, social affairs and political awareness

Learn About the Caribbean Student Association

Intercultural Student Association

ISA is a club that welcomes all members of campus. We strive to educate our student body on issues of cultural appropriation and appreciation, diversity, and global events. ISA hosts several events throughout the year that highlight various countries and regions in an attempt to inform our school population about different cultures and the importance of inclusion and acceptance. Our organization also aims to develop our scholarship fund targeted towards international students. Ultimately, ISA encourages the celebration of differences and similarities in order to build a stronger and more respectful school community.

Learn About the Intercultural Student Association

Sports Clubs

Goldrush Girls Dance Team

We promote and increase school spirit on Saint Leo campus and within the greater Saint Leo community. We also provide a place for dancers to continue their passion at the collegiate level while competing at the regional and national levels. Send an email to if you are interested!

Goldrush Girls Dance Team

Special Interest Clubs

Esports Club

Our club is a competitive gaming group, as the name implies. However, we also play casually, so if you have been wanting to find more people to share your favorite games, we welcome and encourage that! Basically, if you love playing video games, you will find many others that share that love. Our club isn't just that, but a community. We are all there for one another and just enjoy playing games with each other.

Learn About the Esports Club

K-pop and Anime Club

We are the K-Pop & Anime Club here at Saint Leo University. We promote K-Pop & Anime as art forms & raise awareness to Korean & Japanese cultures whether it be through their traditions, traditional foods, etc.

Learn About the K-pop and Anime Club

SLAM Poetry Club

Listen. Affect. respect. support and express the spoken word of students.

Learn About the SLAM Poetry Club




Prism exists to give LGBTQ+ students and their allies a comfortable, safe space for socializing and community-building.

Learn About Prism

Religious & Service Clubs

Alpha Phi Omega, The National Service Fraternity

Leo for St. Jude, Saint Leo Students helping ST. Jude's philanthropic efforts

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