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Past Presidents

The "First" College

Abbot Leo Haid of Maryhelp Abbey, North Carolina, was president of the college from 1889 to 1894, at which point Saint Leo became an independent priory. Father Charles Mohr then became president until his death in 1931. The chief operating officer of the institution was titled the "director".

Rev. Charles Mohr, O.S.B.

Rev. Benedict Roth, O.S.B.

Rev. Charles Mohr, O.S.B.

Rev. Benedict Roth, O.S.B.

Rev. Albert Schaller, O.S.B.

Rev. Benedict Roth, O.S.B.
1902 (February to June)

Rev. Alexander Fink, O.S.B.

The Prep School Years

Abbots Charles Mohr (1902-1931), Francis Sadlier (1929-1954), and Marion Bowman (1954-1969) served as presidents of the institution. The chief operating officer was variously titled "rector," "director," and "headmaster."

Rev. John Schlict, O.S.B.1920-1923, Rector

Rev. Florian Colbert, O.S.B.1923-1927, Director

Rev. Edgar Lang, O.S.B.1927 (January to June), Rector

Rev. John Schlict, O.S.B.1927-1929, Rector

Rev. Paul Keegan, O.S.B.1929-1932, Director

Rev. Thomas Hoffman, O.S.B.1932-1934, Director

Rev. John Schlict, O.S.B.1934-1936, Rector

Rev. Ernest Schultz, O.S.B.1936-1942, Director

Rev. Aloysius Dressman, O.S.B.1942-1943, Headmaster

Rev. Raphael Schoof, O.S.B.1943-1955, Headmaster

Rev. Stephen Herrmann, O.S.B.1955-1959, Headmaster

Rev. Robert Velten, O.S.B.1959-1964, Headmaster

The "New" College

Since its establishment as a bachelor’s degree-granting institution, Saint Leo University has had nine presidents.

Dr. John I. Leonard (deceased July 1961)1959-1961

Rev. Stephen Herrmann, O.S.B. (deceased July 2001)1961-1968

Dr. Anthony W. Zaitz (deceased January 2007)1968-1970

Rev. Marion Bowman, O.S.B. (deceased May 1999)1970-1971

Dr. Thomas B. Southard (deceased October 1985)1971-1985

Dr. M. Daniel Henry (deceased January 2014)1985-1987

Monsignor Frank M. Mouch1987-1996

Dr. Arthur F. Kirk, Jr.1997-2015

Dr. William J. Lennox, Jr.2015-2018

Dr. Jeffrey D. Senese2018-present

(excerpted from Pioneer College by James J. Horgan)


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