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Placement Testing

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Welcome Saint Leo Lion!

Option 1

If you have credits from Advanced Placement, Dual Enrollment, International Baccalaureate (IB), or Cambridge AICE/GCE, please submit your transcripts as soon as possible to Saint Leo University Registrar's Department to verify if you are able to waive taking the placement exams.

Option 2

If you took either the SAT or ACT tests, we encourage you to submit your official ACT and/or SAT scores.  We will use the highest score to consider you for placement. The chart below outlines the courses a student will place in based on their scores:

Saint Leo Mathematics COURSE GRID Mathematics ACT Scores Mathematics SAT Scores
MAT 110/131 0 - 17 0 - 449
MAT 128/141 18 - 20 450 - 519
MAT 151/201 21 - 22 520 - 539
MAT 152 23 - 26 540 - 609
MAT 231 27 610
Saint Leo English COURSE GRID English ACT Scores English SAT Scores
ENG 110 - Native Speakers

ENG 119 - Non-native Speakers

0 - 18 0 - 509
ENG 121 19 510

Option 3

In the event that you can’t use Options 1 or 2, we offer Placement exams.

Placement Exam Details

All students that take Placement Exams must uphold Saint Leo University's Core Value of Integrity as well as the university's Academic Honor Code.  Students needing accommodations should contact the Office of Accessibility Services to submit a formal request for ADA accommodations and provide the necessary documentation. Contact the Office of Accessibility Services, at (352) 588-8464 or email

If you do not complete your placement exams, you will be automatically enrolled in courses that count as electives. If you have any questions, please discuss this with your Success Coach.

Math Placement Exam

We will measure your knowledge of basic and intermediate algebra. This exam is 1 and 5 minutes long and consists of two sections. Basic four (4) function calculators are permitted for the mathematics placement exam.

There are two parts to the test: level 1 and level 2.

  • Score of 14 or higher on Math Placement #1: Students may take MAT-128 or MAT-141
  • Score of 14 or higher on MathPlacement #2: Students may take MAT-141, MAT-151 or MAT-201 (depending on their major)
  • Score below 14 on Math Placement #1: Student will take MAT-110 so they meet the math prerequisite for their major

English Placement Exam

We test your knowledge of grammar and punctuation and your ability to think critically and communicate effectively.  A score of 3 out of 4 is required to place into ENG 121.



Option 4

You can decide not to take the Placement Test. If a student decides not to complete placement exams, s/he will register for ENG 110-How to Write Well or MAT 110-Intro to Algebra with Applications (if required for selected major). These courses count as electives and not count toward the University Explorations requirements.

Course Placement

Course Placement for English

Saint Leo requires two sequenced composition courses, English 121 and English 122, as part of the University Explorations (general education) program. However, occasionally incoming students need a bit more preparation in order to succeed in English 121. Your results will either place you in English 110-How to Write Well, a course that covers foundational concepts related to grammar, punctuation, and sentence and paragraph structure, or English 121, which reviews these skills and goes on to study various types of essays. If you place in English 110 in your first semester, you will then take English 121 in the following semester.

Course Placement for Math

All Saint Leo University students are required to take a mathematics class as a University Explorations (general education) requirement. This requirement may vary depending on the student’s major.

Based on your score and major, you will take MAT 110/131, MAT 128/141, or MAT 151/201.

  • Students who need only one mathematics course to fulfill their University Explorations requirement may take MAT 131 or College Mathematics. MAT 131 is a terminal course and will not prepare students for higher mathematics courses.
  • Sequence for all Business Majors: MAT 110 (Intro to Algebra with Applications), MAT 141 (Finite Mathematics), MAT 201 (Introduction to Statistics)
  • Sequence for all Majors who need MAT 151 (College Algebra) and/or above: MAT 110 (Intro to Algebra with Applications), MAT 128 (Intermediate Algebra), MAT 151 (College Algebra), MAT 152 (Trigonometry), MAT 231 (Calculus)

Directions for the Placement Exam

The following assessments will help determine the appropriate initial English and Math courses for you based on your current skill level.

You may opt out of the English Assessment if you have earned a grade of C or better in a credit-bearing, college-level English composition course at a regionally accredited U.S. institution. Contact your academic advisor for assistance.

Please keep in mind that you may take each assessment only once. You will be notified immediately of the results.

Access to the English Assessment

The English Assessment consists of writing an original essay. The essay should consist of a 4-5 paragraph essay with up to 1,000 words. Note: The maximum word count is 1000 words, and you will have up to 45 minutes to complete the essay.

  1. Go to the English Assessment
  2. Click "Create New Account" in the New User section of the page.
  3. Use Access Code: 3YGB-RCSX
  4. Complete the User Account information. Use your Saint Leo Student ID number as your User Name. Be sure to make a note of your Password as you will need the Password for the next step.
  5. When your User Account is successfully created, you will be taken back to the Criterion log-in screen. In the Returning User section, enter the User Name and Password you created and click Sign In.
  6. After you log in, click on the underlined English Assessment class link and then click on the Assignments tab on the next screen to begin your essay.
  7. Depending upon your results you will be eligible to take either ENG002 or ENG121.

Access to the Math Assessment

  1. Register for your Math Assessment.
  2. Fill in your profile information and credentials, record your credentials.
  3. Click Submit, then you will be sent an email to confirm your email address.
  4. After confirming your email address, click Log in to Mobius.
  5. Use your email address and password to log in.
  6. Click Enroll in a Class.
  7. Select Math Assessment then click Register.
  8. Click Confirm.
  9. Click on Math Assessment.
  10. Click on Assessment 1.
  11. Click "Next" to move from question to question.
  12. Click "Submit Assignment" when complete to grade your test.
  13. Business majors with a score of 14 or greater on Assessment 1 should enroll in MAT 141. If you score below 14, you should enroll in MAT 003.
  14. Assessment scores are reported to the Center for Online Learning.

Foundational Courses (MAT 003 and ENG 002)

Foundational courses are non-credit courses. (Foundational courses DO count as 3 semester hours each for financial aid purposes.) If you are required to take a Foundational Course, we recommend you enroll in at least one foundational course your first term.

Foundational courses do not count toward the 4-class limit prior to matriculation; however, Foundational courses DO count as 3 semester hours each for financial aid purposes.

Under Federal Regulation 38 USC 3672, 3675, 3680A: VA will not approve payment of benefits for remedial courses offered online.

Please contact your academic advisor if you have any questions about the assessments.


  • International Bridge students are only required to complete the Math Placement Exam. You will receive more information from the Director of the Bridge Program. 

Placement Exam Exemptions

  • International students in the Bridge program. International Bridge students will complete the math sections of the Placement Exam during their first semester at Saint Leo University. You will receive more information from the Director of the Bridge Program.International students that are not in the Bridge program are required to complete placement exams.
  • Transfer students with credits from other institutions. Students transferring to Saint Leo University must submit official transcripts from previous institutions to the Admissions office.  Your Student Success Coach will review your transcripts and determine if you need to take placement exams.  Your success coach or the program office for your College will contact you regarding your need to complete Placement Exams.
  • Incoming First Time In College (FTIC) students with certain scores/grades in AP, IB and dual enrollment classes.
    • FTIC students that receive a 3 or higher on English or math AP exams similar to courses tested on the Placement Exam will be exempt from one or both parts of the exam.
    • IB diploma holders that receive at least a 4 on English A, Math Methods, Math Studies, or Mathematics will be exempt from one or both parts of the exam.
    • FTIC students that take dual enrollment courses and receive at least a C or better in courses similar to those tested on the Placement Exam will be exempt from one or both parts of the exam.
  • Students with Cambridge AICE Exam Credits. Saint Leo University accepts credits for passing scores of A, B, C, D or E on the British AS-Level or A-Level courses. No credit is offered for Ordinary Level courses. 
  • Students that complete College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) testing. Saint Leo University will review CLEP scores and determine if a student is exempt from Placement Exams.

If you have any questions about placement exam exemptions, please contact a Student Success Coach.