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At Saint Leo University, we challenge our students to explore their academic passions and discover their potential. Our exceptional faculty will inspire and guide you as more than academic instructors but as trusted mentors. Explore your and pursue your degree with support and guidance from the Saint Leo community.  

Apply for Associate Program Discount: New Horizons  

Associate Program Discount: New Horizons

The New Horizons Discount offers a significant savings for students who enroll in one of the online or Education Center Associate degree programs listed below, making education more affordable and accessible. This discount provides students with high-quality education and the opportunity to earn a degree that can lead to better career prospects and higher earning potential.

Eligibility Requirements

  • To be eligible for the discount, students must be new to Saint Leo University and must enroll in one of the Associate Degree programs listed below through our Center for Online Learning or Education Center.
  • Students must meet all academic performance requirements, maintain good standing in their program, and meet all financial obligations to the University.
  • *Students must maintain continuous enrollment in their program, and cannot change their program outside of the Associate degree programs.

*This includes consecutive official or unofficial withdrawals of course in terms with more than one (1) class of registration.


Qualifying Associate Degree Programs

  • Associate's Degree in Business Administration

    • Tapia College of Business
    Campus Education Center Online
  • Associate's Degree in Criminal Justice

    • College of Arts, Sciences, and Allied Services
    Campus Education Center Online
  • Associate's Degree in Cybersecurity

    • College of CARDS
    Campus Online
  • Associate's Degree in Liberal Arts

    • College of Arts, Sciences, and Allied Services
    Campus Education Center Online