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College of Business

At the Donald R. Tapia College of Business, our mission is simple and straightforward: to provide a values-centered education that develops tomorrow’s business leaders.

With an emphasis on both individual responsibility and interconnectedness, we help shape our students into global citizens ready to contribute to society wherever they go—whether building sustainable tourism practices in Quito, Ecuador; winning a fully paid fellowship at Big Four accounting firm Ernst and Young; or enrolling in Harvard Law School.

As the largest Catholic business College in the United States, we welcome more than 8,000 business students enrolled through our online programs, and we operate 15 education centers across the country, as well as our Tampa-area main campus—home to our state-of-the-art, LEED Gold-certified College of Business building.

Our accredited programs at Tapia College of Business are distinct in their student-centered teaching, future-paced research, entrepreneurial leadership, and close relationships with alumni and community leaders.

Programs That Prepare You for Long-Term Success

  • What motivated me to enroll was the flexible schedule the university was offering. When I tried out their eight-week courses, I loved them. The classes didn’t waste time, and the instructors were super supportive. I felt like the environment was more work-oriented with students who had careers already and were going back to school.

    Alexis Williams | MBA student

  • The Saint Leo business graduate is prepared by focusing on critical thinking, on creative problem solving, and on improved interpersonal communication skills. The College accomplishes its mission by supporting:

    • excellence in teaching by a dedicated faculty
    • scholarly faculty activity
    • service involvement of students and faculty in the business and University communities

    Specific mission objectives include providing students with:

    • the skills to manage effectively in a changing global environment
    • an integrative perspective of organizational operations
    • an awareness of their contribution to improving society

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Top Undergraduate Business Programs

  • Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration - Management

    • College of Business
    Education Center Online
  • Bachelor's Degree in Sport Business

    • College of Business
  • Bachelor's Degree in Communication

    • College of Business

Top Graduate Business Programs

  • Master's Degree in Business Administration

    • College of Business
    Campus Education Center Online
  • Master's Degree in Business Administration - Sport Business

    • College of Business
    Campus Education Center Online
  • Doctorate in Business Administration

    • College of Business

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Meet our Business Faculty

Discover our esteemed faculty members who are making a huge impact in their respective fields and providing dynamic ways of learning in the classroom and beyond.

  • Steve Baglione

    Stephen Baglione, Ph.D.

  • Patrick Murphy

    Patrick Murphy, Ph.D.

  • Phil Hatlem

    Philip Hatlem, M.A.